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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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There is something special in that Poo!

There is something special in that Poo! Well, we are back into the swing of things here at school. Each day we move further away from free time, pool days, and summer tans; to staying up late, hitting the books, sitting for hours, and stressing about tests. It has been rather surprising how quickly it's come and how quickly this year is going. We are already halfway through midterms and two months away from finals. Due to increased caffeine consumption and a lack of sleep, I've been in a vet school daze. My experience this weekend helped shake me from my stupor and remind me why I chose this struggle - why I wanted to be in veterinary medicine. All of my prior veterinary work experience has been in small animal medicine. I love small animal practice, but I knew when I got into veterinary school that I wanted to acquire experience in large and food animal medicine. So this year I am signed up for Bovine Practitioners club (BP). BP holds palpation exams once a month, and I was excited ... (Read More)

Steer vs. Joe, Who Wins….?

Steer vs. Joe, Who Wins….? One of the greatest aspects of veterinary school is the plethora of organizations.  There are clubs for students interested in horses, internal medicine, small ruminants (vet speak for sheep and deer), shelter animals, holistic techniques (i.e. chiropractics and acupuncture), and chickens.  Okay, maybe that last one is more of a fun, get together group and less about veterinary medicine.  At Texas A&M, we offer somewhere in the area of 30 veterinary student organizations, and we are adding new ones every year.  Just this year we have added surgery, dentistry, and feline clubs.  Which leads me to ask, why are we just now getting clubs for surgery and cats?  Were cat spays and neuters not important until now?  They obviously were, but I digress. Additionally, some of the best learning experiences come from extra-curricular (university language for outside the class room) activities.  Since starting scho... (Read More)