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The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Finally Spring Break

Finally Spring Break It's finally Spring Break and I don't know about you guys, but I have been counting down to this for the past month. Every late night study session and challenging test in these past couple of weeks has brought us exactly to this week of pure, unadulterated FREEDOM. Except it's kind of not. Many of us (read "most of us") still have quite a comprehensive to-do list for the break, most of which consists of assignments our professors sneaked in as we studied for our second round of exams. No worries, though: in the end, we get a week off from classes to give our bodies the rest and recuperation they both need and deserve. Whether your version of recuperation consists of sunning on the beach 24/7 or lazing about the house with no pants on, do it, and do it as often as possible. We have worked hard this semester and have earned this break. So between the graduate school application you're completing, post-break exam you're studying for, room organiz... (Read More)

Countdown to Spring Break

Countdown to Spring Break I'm not sure if you've heard—but Spring Break is ALMOST here! We are nine weeks into the semester and this break will be well deserved. For us first year veterinary students, the only thing standing in our way is a neurology quiz and a microbiology test. I'm not sure if studying is easier or harder, knowing that the break is so soon! I am going to San Antonio, my hometown, for the week. I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends, as well as some good Mexican food. The weather looks to be nice, especially compared to our little winter blast! I will definitely be using the time to recharge and get ready for the last half of second semester. It's crazy, but for the Class of 2017, the end of first year is in sight! (Read More)

One Last Break

One Last Break Another Spring Break is completed, and for the third year vet students it is the last break our class will get until we graduate.  Sure, we have our intersemester period with a week off at Christmas time and some of the class will get spring break next year, but our whole class will not be getting a break together until graduation day.  It is amazing to think that we have come this far, in 7 short weeks we will begin our final step towards our license as 4th year begins.  We will be out of the classrooms and into the clinics, and I couldn't be more excited.  Our goals are within our reach, and we are about to be the big kids on campus.  I thought we would never make it this far, but here we are, ready and able!  I am excited for all of my classmates as the future really opens up for us in this next year.   It is an exciting time, a time of discovery and growth in our career.  This spring break was a gre... (Read More)

It‘s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It‘s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Another semester has come to an end and it's time for us to enjoy a little time off from the hectic and busy schedule that is common among all vet students. I always look forward to winter break. The fall semester, which seems to drag on forever, is finally over and all the notes that have accumulated over the semester can be put in the back of my closet. I no longer have to feel guilty for choosing the couch and television over a 700-page binder of notes (well, at least for a few weeks). During this time of the year, everyone is in high spirits and the weather is a welcome change from the relentless Texas heat, even if it is still eighty degrees outside. One of my favorite things about winter break is celebrating Christmas. Christmas is without a doubt my favorite holiday. It's a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends that we, as students, often don't get to do a lot of during the semester. I always have a fun and enjoyable ho... (Read More)

A Rodeo on Break

A Rodeo on Break Well, Spring Break is over, and it was a wonderful break from the lectures and work of school.  It has been a wonderful break, the weather is starting to warm up and the sun is shining!  It is good to be able to relax at home, and spend time with the family.  Life as a vet student is different from any other type of student.  Even when we are on break, most vet students will spend some time working with animals, whether we volunteer our time somewhere or pick up a few shifts at our home vet clinics.  We always appreciate getting some more experience with our veterinarian mentors, especially for me this year; our classes in 2nd year are very lecture oriented.  It was such a blessing to be home for a few days and work with real clients and patients, it was a reminder that veterinary medicine is my passion, and I love what I do!  Many of the vet students all had very different activities planned for spring break, s... (Read More)

Ahh, spring break. For us third years, this is our last one – fourth year and graduation are finally in sight. (WHOOP!)

Ahh, spring break.  For us third years, this is our last one – fourth year and graduation are finally in sight.  (WHOOP!) However, spring break is also traditionally the time of year that the current applicants get their letters, and hearing from another group of friends always makes me remember the weeks leading up to getting my own letter four years ago.  Starting in late February, I, who never checked the mail in our apartment, started checking at least once a day - including Sundays, just in case.  It was the favorite topic of just about every class time conversation - "Have you gotten your letter yet?" "No, not yet.  You?" "I heard they were mailing them this week, though…"  (I swear I heard that someone's friend's cousin's roommate who worked in the dean's office mailed them at least half a dozen times between February and March.)  The week before spring break, I got two phone calls from friends saying they were in.  All the rest of us waited anxiously.  I probably started checking the mail twice a day at that point.  The... (Read More)

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Looking Back, Looking Ahead Today is our first day back to school after Thanksgiving. I think it is definitely safe to say that we were all thankful for Thanksgiving break this year. While short, it was great to get the chance to go home and visit with friends and family for a few days. We are lucky that this year we have a week between our Thanksgiving break and finals. My first year of veterinary school, finals were scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving. That meant that I spent the holiday in College Station studying. This year, I left my books behind for a few days of relaxation, ridiculous amounts of overeating, and some much needed time away from school. I have learned over the past three years, that by taking some time to remind myself of why I want to be a veterinarian and how important it is to me, I am much more productive and determined in my school work when I return to it. It is easy to be bogged down with the details, specifics, obligations, meetings, and ... (Read More)