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The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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My Fall as a 'Veteran' Pet Trainer

My Fall as a 'Veteran' Pet Trainer Fall finals are done and out of the way for undergraduates!! Yay! I survived…barely. Finals take an emotional and physical toll on just about everyone. But looking back on this semester, I would say the fall was, overall, successful. Throughout this semester, things got a little crazy in my house with my roommate’s two pets, an 11-month-old Great Pyrenees, Toph, and a 7 year-old-cat, Moo, as well as the service dogs I've been training that came in and out of the house. Back in August, I started off with a white Labrador Retriever named Pokey. He got along very well with the other pets, rough housing and keeping Toph company and even bothering, with mutual respect, of course, Moo. Training a service dog during the semester can be difficult; however, what made it harder was my replacement dog for Pokey, who returned to the headquarters of Patriot Paws of Aggieland to learn more advanced training. He may graduate as soon as spring 2018 to a vet... (Read More)

Filling a Puppy-Sized Hole in my Heart

Filling a Puppy-Sized Hole in my Heart   Laine, before her undergraduate graduation, and Karsen, the service dog she raised, who graduated to become a diabtic-alert companion for a woman in Arizona. It’s funny, the things you look forward to in life as time goes on and things change. Looking forward to the break has always been a constant in my life and now that I’m nearing the midpoint of my second year in vet school, I only have two winters and one summer left to cherish—what a thought! I’m looking forward to going home and visiting my family, of course, but I’m also excited to go back and work for the veterinary clinic I’ve been helping at since I was 16 years old. They’ve always been a second family to me and I’ve never failed to learn something from the staff there as I practice my new knowledge. It’s never really work when you’re with people you love, doing what you love. That isn’t the only reason I’m excited to return home this winter, though! As an u... (Read More)

Rally Obedience – A fun team sport for dogs and handlers

Rally Obedience – A fun team sport for dogs and handlers Harley, my miniature poodle, and I went to a dog show in Conroe last weekend where we competed in Rally Obedience. Unlike a regular obedience competition, where a judge gives orders, competitors navigate a course of stations with the dog in heel position. It was me and Harley's first show, and we were competing in the novice class against other handlers who were new to the sport as well.  Unlike traditional obedience, handlers are allowed to encourage their dogs during the course. We compete in AKC rally where you start with 100 points and the judge deducts points for mistakes. A qualifying score is a 70 or above. If you qualify three times the dog earns a title. We arrived in Conroe early to make sure we did not miss our class. While we were there we talked with some very nice people. One man had a golden retriever that he was raising as a service dog competing in the novice class. This was a way for him to try something new and switch up... (Read More)

Best in Show

Best in Show A lot of time when I'm giving tours, people ask me how I deal with the stress of veterinary school. One of the most important things that I always tell people is to make sure to take time away from school to do things that make you happy! Everyone has their own hobbies, whether it be going to see movies, playing sports, or hanging out with friends. One of the things I do with my free time is a little unusual...I go to dog shows! My boyfriend and I have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Finn who competes in dog shows and hunt tests. Eventually we would like to breed him, and so getting a show championship is necessary towards that goal. Now for those of you that have seen the movie Best In Show, we aren't anywhere near that crazy, but it is definitely a whole different world when you step into the show arena. Here's how it goes: Preparing for a dog show takes a certain amount of planning ahead of time. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers... (Read More)

An Adoption Story

An Adoption Story This past month has been so exciting for me! Junior surgery has been my favorite third-year class all semester-but lately it's gotten even better. We recently graduated from goat and rabbit surgeries to cat and dog spays. Whoop! We are divided into groups of three for the semester and rotate though being the surgeon, assistant surgeon, and anesthetist for the procedures. This past month, every Friday afternoon cats and dogs from local animal shelters were transported to the vet school. The student scheduled to be surgeon that week took care of their assigned animal every morning and night. I was the assistant surgeon for our first shelter dog. Though we were nervous and the surgery took a little longer than what an experienced vet could do, everything went well, and our new spayed friend could go back into the world to be adopted. Several of my classmates got so attached to their surgery dogs that they ended up taking them home themselves. I wa... (Read More)

A Girl and Her Dog

A Girl and Her Dog February 23, 2010 started off as a very normal day.  I was at the Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, volunteering for Austin Pets Alive, an incredible rescue organization that finds homes for dogs at risk of euthanasia.  While walking the aisles lined by kennels, peering in to see the sad faces of the dogs that ended up there, I came across kennel 127 where a scruffy, brown dog wearing a red bandana stood staring at me.  His information sheet said that he was an 8 month old wire haired fox terrier mix that came to the shelter as a stray.  I couldn't pass him by, so I leaned down to say hello, totally unaware of the fact that this little dog would soon be a huge part of my life. I happened to finish my tasks for the rescue organization early, so I decided to take number 127 out to play.  From that moment on, there was no going back.  Number 127, who later became known as Oliver, had captured my heart.  I returned ... (Read More)

Third Year Begins...

Third Year Begins... It's a new year and classes are getting really exciting.  As a third year student, I finally get to choose my elective courses and spend time in both the small and large animal hospitals.  I recently spent the day in small animal surgery, where I watched a fourth year student perform a cat spay (under the watchful eye of one of the small animal surgeons).  It feels both strange and exciting to know that that will be me a year from now!  During the surgery, another third year student and I were grilled on the pharmacology and surgery prep that was going on.  I had to quickly recall information from last year to answer questions about opioids, analgesics, induction drugs and inhalant anesthetics, as well as sterile surgical preparation. Once the surgery was finished, we grabbed a quick lunch and then learned how to operate a surgical laser.  We practiced holding and moving the stylet by writing our names on a wet pops... (Read More)