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Embryo Transplants

Embryo Transplants As an undergraduate student it is very easy to get frustrated when studying the basics. Organic Chemistry, Nutrition, or Statistics feel like classes you just have to get through before you can study bigger and better things. Plus you can get so bogged down in details that you tend to lose sight of the big picture and what you are working towards. So when I was given the opportunity as part of my Animal Science 107 Honors course to help with embryo transplants in sheep I jumped at it! So first, let me give you a little background about embryo transplants in sheep. The goal of this procedure is to create more lambs from the genetically valuable females. Naturally a female sheep, called a ewe, might have 14 lambs in her lifetime if she is lucky. So as producers we want to greatly increase the number of lambs from a given female. In order to do that we give the valuable, donor ewe hormones that cause her to 'super-ovulate' increasing the number of... (Read More)