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The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Some health issues shouldn’t be delayed

Some health issues shouldn’t be delayed Recently, I took Phoebe, my nine-year-old Boxer, to the vet.  Like with most elderly dogs her teeth and gums were a problem.  Like many other people, I had been postponing the inevitable dental procedures until a better time would arise.  However, this past week I could no longer postpone the care. While refilling her water bowl, I noticed blood in the water.  I also noticed drops of blood on the floor near the food bowl.  I looked inside her mouth and saw several growths that were beginning to cover her teeth. Apparently, she had bitten one of these growths. At that point I knew that I had to take Phoebe to the veterinarian. I took her to her local vet the following morning and he diagnosed her as having Gingival Hyperplasia, which is an overgrowth of the gum tissue. The only treatment for this condition is surgical removal of the growths. I asked the doctor if he could also perform the dental cleaning after removing the ... (Read More)