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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming This semester is flying by!  We are already into our sixth week of the Fall semester (more than a quarter of the way through)!  Looking back, first year passed by pretty quickly, although at the time, it definitely didn't feel like it.  I still remember the first day of orientation: the nervousness, the excitement, and catching the "I'm-just-a-first-year-I-don't-know-what's-going-on" syndrome.  Luckily, when I arrived at the school, I found a fellow lost soul in the parking lot, who ended up becoming one of my closest friends. The first year of veterinary school was a big adjustment period for me.  It was my first time away from home, my first time living on my own, and, of course, the start of some of the most stressful yet rewarding years of my life.  Thankfully, I had an amazing vet school family that helped me through it all (shoutout to the Class of 2015: y'all are awesome!).  With that being said, the t... (Read More)