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The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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A Rodeo on Break

A Rodeo on Break Well, Spring Break is over, and it was a wonderful break from the lectures and work of school.  It has been a wonderful break, the weather is starting to warm up and the sun is shining!  It is good to be able to relax at home, and spend time with the family.  Life as a vet student is different from any other type of student.  Even when we are on break, most vet students will spend some time working with animals, whether we volunteer our time somewhere or pick up a few shifts at our home vet clinics.  We always appreciate getting some more experience with our veterinarian mentors, especially for me this year; our classes in 2nd year are very lecture oriented.  It was such a blessing to be home for a few days and work with real clients and patients, it was a reminder that veterinary medicine is my passion, and I love what I do!  Many of the vet students all had very different activities planned for spring break, s... (Read More)


LET’S RODEO SAN ANTONIO! I spent two of my weekends this February driving back to my hometown to take part in the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. This year was different as I had the unique opportunity to shadow with Dr. Ben Espy, the official Rodeo Veterinarian. He has the responsibility of caring for not only the animal athletes that will perform in the AT&T Center but also for over 25,000 animals that are part of the livestock show. Additionally he oversees the secure collection of urine samples from winning animals to ensure that illegal drugs and hormones were not used. Luckily Dr. Espy has two fourth year vet students from Texas A&M, Megan Kirkland and Ashley Stricklin, who are a huge help to him. For the duration of the rodeo the fourth years live on the grounds in the vet clinic, often handling late night calls. The attitude towards veterinarians at these events is often tense - especially when dealing with livestock. Students (and their parents) ha... (Read More)