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The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Vet School Episode Third Year – The Return of Common Sense

Vet School Episode Third Year – The Return of Common Sense Another title could have been "Third Year - Finally a Year in Which I Can Excel." Now, before I get too far into this post, I must explain that common sense is a part of every year of vet school.  However, as a student, common sense can appear lost during the first two years as we get into the weeds of microbiology, pharmacology, and parasitology.  As a 30,000-foot, big-picture-kind-of-guy, all of this memorization left me floundering and looking for some semblance of order.   Well, thanks to third year, I found it. First year of veterinary school is about learning normal - normal anatomy, normal physiology, normal embryology, normal histology, normal, normal, normal.  Which makes sense because if you can't identify normal, you will never be able to identify abnormal.  Enter second year.  Second year is about identifying abnormal and learning the fundamentals about ways to treat the abnormal.  Third ye... (Read More)