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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Thankfulness and Survival: The End is in Sight!

Thankfulness and Survival: The End is in Sight! With the last round of exams before finals coming to a close, you’d be hard pressed to find a first-year student who isn’t in shock at how far we have come in such a short time. When I realize we only have a few short weeks left of the first semester, I almost can’t believe it. It has been a difficult, but so very rewarding journey so far, and though the thought of finals is fairly stressful, I am overwhelmed with a sense of relief. We’ve made it. We’ve learned so much more than I ever thought we could in such a short time. This first year alone has opened so many doors. Just last week, I learned how to spay a chicken in a ZEW (Zoo, Exotics, and Wildlife Medicine) club skills lab, and I got to learn how to handle birds of prey. For an avid owl enthusiast, and an aspiring avian veterinarian, handling a great horned owl during that demonstration has been the highlight of my experiences so far. Looking into the near future, next week brings with... (Read More)

Being a team player

Being a team player Today I just took my third small animal medicine test, which means I am now done with exams until finals! I could not be more excited because we have had back-to-back exams on top of survival surgeries and cases the past month, and I feel like I can finally come up for air. This year of veterinary school feels very different from the rest. We may still be spending four consecutive hours in the same room being lectured at, but the material feels more real and actually applicable to what our life will be like as a veterinarian, instead of just learning a bunch of facts for a looming exam. [Side note: who in their right mind thought staying in the same dark classroom all morning was a good idea? I understand that I might have a slightly shorter attention span compared to most of my classmates, but honestly, in order to give four back-to-back classes 100% of your attention, you’d have to be a robot.] Third year has been great because I actually enjoy ... (Read More)


TGIF Friday is a day of the week that everyone looks forward to—including the second-year veterinary students. For us, Friday also means correlates, a class full of practical learning and hands-on experiences. The first six weeks of the semester we learned in medical Spanish—a very valuable skill, especially here in Texas. The remainder of the correlates class rotates through different activities each week. Last week I participated in the cattle rotation. During our first year, we learned about the physical exam of a cow. Still, Dr. Jones was kind enough to review with us during the morning lecture so that we would be well prepared for the afternoon lab. Later that day, wearing the ever-stylish coveralls and with stethoscopes in hand, some of my classmates and I headed to lab. During lab we were able to practice auscultating (listening) to not only the heart and lungs but also the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, including the rumen. We also ... (Read More)

A Midterm Tale

A Midterm Tale Thanksgiving is near, and quickly the semester's end approaches, all seems good with nothing but good fortune appearing so soon. The cold fronts are coming, but it doesn't seem too blue, with everyone smiling that Santa comes soon. The midterms have passed, and some things seemed frail, but it's nothing that some extra time in the library won't re-rail. With warm cooked meals and families rejoicing, it's sometimes easy to forget where your next foot is going. I can't wait to see my husky in morning. Thus comes the end of this silly ol' nursery, so good luck to you, Ags, and may your holidays be warm and toasty. (Read More)

Journey's End

Journey's End As the semester continues on, I can’t help but realize my journey here as an undergraduate at Texas A&M University is almost over! The most bittersweet sensations arise when I think about the day I will finally walk across the stage and further prove to myself that nothing is impossible. It feels like it was just yesterday when I drove into College Station for the first time with my parents, and now I will be leaving soon as an alumna. Crazy. In fact, a few of my younger friends were discussing their New Student Conferences the other day. In the midst of their conversation, I looked to one of my other friends, who is also a senior, and gave her a look of utter disbelief. We were once also freshmen, unsure of what form our paths during our undergraduate careers would take. We too once stressed about learning all the Aggie lingo and traditions that have now become second nature to us. We too once lamented over the complete despair we f... (Read More)

Preparing for 4th Year, All Year Long

Preparing for 4th Year, All Year Long I am currently in my third year of veterinary school. This year will help me prepare for next year. We take small animal and large animal medicine this semester, which requires us to pull information learned during the first two years of school in various classes to help us succeed in these two. We also take radiology, which will help us in fourth year when we read radiographs in the clinic. One of the exciting classes we take is clinics. We spend four Wednesdays each semester in the large or small animal clinic. This allows us to learn the layout of the hospitals and see how it is to be a fourth year student. Each week we follow around clinicians and fourth years to get our feet wet and ask questions. This semester I am in oncology, canine internal medicine, anesthesia, and cardiology clinical rotations. We now feel a little more comfortable about being in the hospital next year and (hopefully!) becoming a veterinarian in less than 19 months. ... (Read More)

A day in the life of a first year vet student

A day in the life of a first year vet student As a pre-vet student, I often wondered what life would be like in vet school. Although every day is a little different, here is a look at one recent day as a first year veterinary student. 7:00 a.m. I wake up, get dressed, and feed my guinea pig. I intended to wake up earlier, but I still have time to grab my lunch and scarf down a bowl of cereal before leaving my apartment. 7:25 a.m. I am at the bus stop. Texas A&M has busses that run on and off campus, paid for by student fees. I take one bus to main campus and then take a second bus to the vet school. 8:00 a.m. We have a histology lecture about what the inside of the mouth looks like microscopically in different species. For example, cows have hard projections, called buccal papillae, on the inside of their mouths for breaking down food. 9:00 a.m. Normally on Tuesdays, we would have physiology lecture from 9-10 am, but since our lectures on cardiac physiology ran ahead of schedu... (Read More)

Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life As Halloween approaches, I can't help but be excited. Even if this holiday does not include an actual vacation away from school, one can still really enjoy the celebration. For example, I plan to go to two parties in costume to spend a little time just having fun. I firmly believe that everyone should greet each and every day with some sort of enthusiasm. Whether you are already starting to study for the test in the future, are giving yourself a little break between tests, or just scooping yourself a helping of ice cream after a long day, we can't forget to enjoy ourselves every once in a while. Too much stress can burn us out and make scholarly performance completely impossible. Don't forget to do those little things that make you happy in life: playing with animals, reading a good novel, or taking a walk with your favorite soundtrack. School is important, but so is your mental health. The best way to avoid stress is planning ahead. A good stu... (Read More)

Smooth SAILing

Smooth SAILing The phrase “starting with a bang” finally made sense to me this year when I became a member of SAIL (Sophomores Advancing in Leadership). SAIL is a student led organization whose primary focus is centered on building leadership skills. My first encounter with SAIL was during open house, and from that moment, I knew that I wanted to become a part of this organization. From the moment of its introduction at open house, I knew that I could see myself as a member. However, I still could not help being skeptical. My skepticism soon dissolved when I got my first taste of what SAIL was like. Erin and Chelsea—the directors of SAIL—were monumental in taking away my doubts by making me feel welcome and enthusiastically telling me about SAIL. They were filled such passion for the organization that I was immediately engulfed in the excitement that is SAIL. I left the open house with SAIL on my mind and looking forward to the informational session. The day ... (Read More)

Looking Forward to Fourth Year

Looking Forward to Fourth Year This past week, my third year class had a meeting about scheduling the fourth and final year of the veterinary curriculum: clinics! The first three years of the DVM program take place in classrooms and labs, preparing us for the challenges of seeing actual live clinical patients as fourth-year students working in our teaching hospitals. I have been looking forward to my fourth year since first-year orientation, but it wasn't until this meeting that I realized that it won't be much longer until I'm actually in clinics! My classmates and I have some big decisions to make in the next couple weeks as we move forward in planning the remainder of our time here in veterinary school. To begin, we need to choose a career track, either "Large Animal," "Small Animal," "Mixed Animal," or "Alternative Career." The career track a student chooses determines his or her required course list and rotation options. A "rotation" is a two-week span of time that... (Read More)