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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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The Transition

The Transition The third year of vet school signifies the transition from academics to clinical veterinary medicine. This was officially celebrated at the white coat ceremony held at the end of our second year. This year my class has started participating in small and large animal medicine courses, a case-based course known as correlates, and junior surgery. The days of sitting in lecture from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. straight are over, and we finally get to put our studies to use with hands-on interactions with animals and clinicians. It has been a very busy but exciting semester thus far. We have learned how to perform dental and ophthalmic exams as well as how to assess lameness in our large animal species and how to perform on endoscopy in a horse. Junior surgery is a main component of life as a 3VM. We are able to focus on improving our surgical technique of suturing and handling tissue, maintaining sterility throughout procedures, and learning the ins-and-ou... (Read More)

My First Veterinary Conference

My First Veterinary Conference First semester of the second year of vet school had an interesting start! On the first day of classes I introduced myself to my professors by asking for permission to miss classes to attend a veterinary conference. Since I want to work in small animal and exotics clinical practice after graduation, attending ExoticsCon was a great choice. Most veterinary conferences welcome veterinary student attendance and some offer significant discounts on student registration prices, and there are also student travel grants available to offset the cost of attendance. ExoticsCon 2015 was the first professional conference I have attended and the first time that the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV), Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV), and Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV) all shared their annual conference. On Sunday, Aug. 30, Rosa, Kathleen, Michelle, and I left for San Antonio from College Station at 3:30 a.m... (Read More)

Hoping to Bring Dentistry Home

Hoping to Bring Dentistry Home Recently, I applied to be a part of the dental shadowing program here at Texas A&M University, and I got in. This definitely increases my motivation and has inspired me to share the reason why I want to pursue a career in dentistry in the first place. A portion of my life was spent in my home country, Nigeria. At the age of 10, my parents sent my sister—who was 11 at the time—and I to Nigeria to “learn and experience the Nigerian culture.” At the time, I thought this was complete nonsense, and thought “Why place me in a whole different country far away from my family and friends?” But, at the time I didn’t know that would be same thing that influenced my life forever. There, I was exposed to many of the different hardships my people faced, unsanitary living conditions, inconsistent water supply, and lack of healthcare. With most of the country in complete poverty, healthcare was the hardest thing of acquire. Throughout the four years I sp... (Read More)

The New Testing Schedule

The New Testing Schedule With one month of school and three exams behind me, I am finally starting to settle into my second year of vet school at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. The transition between summer and school can be difficult for many students. It was made even more difficult for me thanks in part to missing three days of class for Exotics Con, an annual conference for avian, exotic mammal, and reptile practitioners. Thank goodness for the new testing schedule the College of Veterinary Medicine put in place this year. Those of you who read our blogs regularly have probably noticed that every once and a while the vet students had what some might call “hell weeks.” Those times when we had three tests, a paper, two quizzes, a worksheet, and a Fightin’ Texas Aggie home football game all in one week. The only thing we had to look forward to was usually the quite week that followed. While it was nice to have a ... (Read More)

Becoming an Upperclassman

Becoming an Upperclassman This past summer I was busy with working at my mom’s vet clinic back home and fostering a kitten. Even though it felt like I was always working or feeding the kitten, I loved it. There was always a client who brightened my day, and the foster kitten was so sweet and adorable. I am proud to say that she did get a wonderful home (Mom was especially happy since that meant I didn’t keep her). Now the summer is over, and the school year has started. I know this year will be exciting and scary all at them same time. This is my junior year, which means I have one more year until I graduate and hopefully go to vet school. As scary as it is, I think this year will be one of the best! One reason is that I should be getting my Aggie ring this spring. In order to get your Aggie ring, you have to complete 90 credit hours, and I should complete my last few hours before spring. I know it is still months away, but I cannot wait until the spring semester comes! ... (Read More)

A New Beginning

A New Beginning This week officially marks the end of the first month of veterinary school for us 1VMs. I can’t believe how fast the first month has flown by! It feels like it was only last week when we anxiously arrived at orientation, excited to start the new chapter of our lives. Now, we are already facing our first wave of exams coming next week! So, here are a few things I’ve learned about veterinary school in the past month: You learn a lot of new material every single day, and it is not easy. But, the faculty really, really, really want you to succeed. Your study habits get way better than when you were an undergraduate student—although this is not voluntary if you want to succeed. Even as a first year, you must learn how to approach everything you learn clinically. You don’t get to sleep very much. Even with all that, you are still excited to go to school every day. Starting veterinary school definitely was a big adjustment for ... (Read More)

School's Not School Anymore

School's Not School Anymore As a third year veterinary student, I’ve spent my fair share of time in the classroom, going to school day in and day out. Something about this year feels different. After 19 straight years of school, and even a few summers filled with school, it doesn’t feel like I’m just going to school anymore. I’ve never been one for long lectures or sitting down all day, which is why third year of veterinary school has changed the definition I had of school. This year we get to do so much more than just sit in the classroom, listen to lectures, and take tests. We start the hands-on aspect of our journey to becoming veterinarians. Our curriculum is set up to allow us to pick elective classes that are tailored toward what aspect of veterinarian medicine we want to practice someday. These electives take school from an average, everyday, sit-and-listen experience to an out-of-the-classroom, clinical experience. This is what most of us, as vet students, have been ... (Read More)

Junior Surgery

Junior Surgery One of the best parts of third year is getting to participate in junior surgery. Junior surgery is where we practice our surgical skills and begin to get comfortable with the different procedures we will be expected to perform in practice. It is exciting, nerve wracking, fun, and terrifying all at the same time. We are in groups of three, and rotate between being anesthetist, assistant surgeon, and surgeon. This past week, I was the surgeon and got to perform my first surgery on our rat. We performed an abdominal exploratory and a castration. Luckily, I have a wonderful surgery group with my friends, Heather and Betsy, who were the assistant surgeon and anesthetist. They helped me all the way through to ensure that our surgery went great! Third year curriculum differs from the first two years of vet school. We finally are putting together all of the information we have learned from the first two years, like anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, etc... (Read More)

First Week of School

First Week of School The first week of school has been incredible hectic.  All the responsibilities really jumped up on me suddenly.  Between school, work, and being a leader for my writing club, I was busy trying to get ready for everything.  I had a hugely busy, but rewarding, summer.  I shadowed a veterinarian and stay with his family on their pony farm.  For a week I was feeding around twenty ponies by myself.  I learned so much from the experience of the summer and it was an amazing opportunity I was grateful to have had.  My dog, Ziva, went up to stay with my family in Colorado and as a trade, I am keeping the small dogs and my cat because they don't get along with my dog.  Ziva is getting some great training in Colorado and enjoys all the walking and hiking my family is doing with her.  And I'm enjoying my cat and the two little boys in the mean time.  All three love to cuddle, so that makes for a little competi... (Read More)

Happy New (School) Year

Happy New (School) Year This is it! What the DVM Class of 2018 has been waiting for: our official transition to the second year of vet school. On Monday, we started our first day of classes as 2VMs. We are no longer newbies--well, to vet school, anyway! Still, even after a full year of the veterinary curriculum, we are major newbies to vet medicine. There is so much left to learn in just a short three more years. This semester alone, we’ve got pharmacology, pathology, nutrition, medical Spanish, parasitology, and the various labs associated with those courses. What a list! Though a little daunting, I can’t wait to dive into these subjects (and more) to start gaining a better understanding of clinical veterinary medicine, and, coincidentally, kiss the anatomy lab goodbye for a good, long while. It’s only the first week, but it feels already like the vet school is a different planet than it was last year. Compared to this time last August, I see so many more familiar fac... (Read More)