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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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The Semester is Almost Over!!

The Semester is Almost Over!! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and it was great. All three of my classes the Wednesday before Thanksgiving were cancelled, which never happens for me. Usually classes are cancelled for everyone else, but finally mine were! I got to see my family, eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie, and go to the Texas A&M football game. Also when I was home I was decorating for Christmas, which is always fun because Christmas is my other favorite holiday. Our house is officially decorated. It was a little bit of a tease because I was at home for a couple days and I did not have to worry about school as much as I usually have to. It isn’t all bad, though, because I have had some other fun since Thanksgiving, like meeting Reveille! It is her last year before she retires, so as I was walking across Rudder Plaza, I saw her and had to get a picture with her! She is so sweet, but after all her years of being the first lady, it is a well-deserved retire... (Read More)

’Tis the Season so be Jolly

’Tis the Season so be Jolly   It’s finals season in Aggieland, and for veterinary students, finals can be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true for first- and second-year students, who have five, six, or even seven finals. Even fourth year students in clinics are taking their national boards. The rest of their life all compiled into one test…Yikes! No one is safe this season from stress. But, the best thing about vet school is that everyone knows the struggle you’re in. Whether they were taking that test last year, they are testing with you this year, or they will be experiencing the challenges next year, we all have a common bond and stick together when the going gets tough. No doubt vet school is hard, but with amazing classmates, professors, and this being the most amazing profession in the world, every struggle is worth it. But don’t think we’ve forgotten how to be jolly! My birthday is coming up later in December, and having the most wonderful friend... (Read More)

Last Home Game for Reveille VIII

Last Home Game for Reveille VIII My favorite Texas A&M tradition is definitely the tradition of Reveille. That could be because I’m in veterinary school and I love dogs, but it’s also because she is the first lady of Aggieland and the highest-ranking member of the Corps of Cadets. One of the traditions with Reveille is if Reveille decides to sleep on a cadet's bed, that cadet is required to sleep on the floor. Another tradition is if Reveille barks during a class, the professor is supposed to dismiss the class. Thursday night was Reveille VIII’s last home game before she retires. Even though Texas A&M lost against LSU, it was still a special game for Miss Rev. One of my favorite parts about Aggie football games is when Reveille sprints across the field with her handler before the game starts. Her handler this year, Ryan Kreider, became famous during the SMU game this season when he protected Reveille by jumping in front of one of the SMU football players. It was an... (Read More)


BTHO FINALS! Another down, three more to go! The first semester of my junior year has almost come and gone, and I am excited for what is yet to come. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and though sadly I will not be going home, I have scored tickets to the Thanksgiving game against LSU, where I will be happily spectating on the first deck. Whoop! In college, one life lesson you will come to experience, time and time again, is sacrifice. One must sometimes sacrifice time with family and friends to ensure success in classes. During this time of the year, students staying at the library until the wee hours of the morning are a common occurrence. By staying focused until the semester comes to an end, I am hoping not to be one of those unlucky individuals. After it is all said I done, I will be able to breathe a little easier and enjoy the next holiday with my family. In the meantime, I wish anyone reading this the best of luck, and to BTHO finals! Looking ahead, my s... (Read More)

Looking Forward and Behind

Looking Forward and Behind This semester has flown by, and it is very surreal to me that there are only three weeks left. With everything coming to a close, it’s amazing to look back and realize just how much I have learned and all the amazing experiences I have had. I have learned how to become confident in my surgical abilities (even if I'm still a little slow). I have learned how to keep calm in stressful situations. I have learned to trust my gut. I have learned how to give a deer a physical exam. I was able to stand next to an elephant and give it a physical (they're surprisingly hairy and HUGE). I have learned how to work on colics. I have experienced being called in at 10 o'clock at night to help work on a horse. I am still learning how to think like a doctor. With just one semester standing between me and clinics, I can feel myself becoming more confident in my abilities and my capability to handle clinics in May. At the beginning of the semeste... (Read More)

Hello Excitement, Meet Nostalgia

Hello Excitement, Meet Nostalgia Four weeks, one day, one hour and 18 minutes until I graduate, but really, who’s counting? It seems so surreal that in such a relatively short amount of time I’m going to be officially done with my undergraduate career. Conversations like this have become a seemingly everyday occurrence: “So are you graduating anytime soon?” “Yes actually! In December!” “You must be so excited!! Do you know what you’re going to do after?” I mumble some noncommittal answer as I slyly try to extract myself from the conversation. They’re right, I am excited. At least, I was, until I had to say my first goodbye to the kids I volunteer with and explain how I would not be back the following semester. Suddenly that excitement that had carried me through a majority of the semester abandoned me and in its place, nostalgia made its home. I remember all the things people told me about college when I was first starting. The usual clichés such as, "it will be one... (Read More)

Thankfulness and Survival: The End is in Sight!

Thankfulness and Survival: The End is in Sight! With the last round of exams before finals coming to a close, you’d be hard pressed to find a first-year student who isn’t in shock at how far we have come in such a short time. When I realize we only have a few short weeks left of the first semester, I almost can’t believe it. It has been a difficult, but so very rewarding journey so far, and though the thought of finals is fairly stressful, I am overwhelmed with a sense of relief. We’ve made it. We’ve learned so much more than I ever thought we could in such a short time. This first year alone has opened so many doors. Just last week, I learned how to spay a chicken in a ZEW (Zoo, Exotics, and Wildlife Medicine) club skills lab, and I got to learn how to handle birds of prey. For an avid owl enthusiast, and an aspiring avian veterinarian, handling a great horned owl during that demonstration has been the highlight of my experiences so far. Looking into the near future, next week brings with... (Read More)

Being a team player

Being a team player Today I just took my third small animal medicine test, which means I am now done with exams until finals! I could not be more excited because we have had back-to-back exams on top of survival surgeries and cases the past month, and I feel like I can finally come up for air. This year of veterinary school feels very different from the rest. We may still be spending four consecutive hours in the same room being lectured at, but the material feels more real and actually applicable to what our life will be like as a veterinarian, instead of just learning a bunch of facts for a looming exam. [Side note: who in their right mind thought staying in the same dark classroom all morning was a good idea? I understand that I might have a slightly shorter attention span compared to most of my classmates, but honestly, in order to give four back-to-back classes 100% of your attention, you’d have to be a robot.] Third year has been great because I actually enjoy ... (Read More)


TGIF Friday is a day of the week that everyone looks forward to—including the second-year veterinary students. For us, Friday also means correlates, a class full of practical learning and hands-on experiences. The first six weeks of the semester we learned in medical Spanish—a very valuable skill, especially here in Texas. The remainder of the correlates class rotates through different activities each week. Last week I participated in the cattle rotation. During our first year, we learned about the physical exam of a cow. Still, Dr. Jones was kind enough to review with us during the morning lecture so that we would be well prepared for the afternoon lab. Later that day, wearing the ever-stylish coveralls and with stethoscopes in hand, some of my classmates and I headed to lab. During lab we were able to practice auscultating (listening) to not only the heart and lungs but also the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, including the rumen. We also ... (Read More)

A Midterm Tale

A Midterm Tale Thanksgiving is near, and quickly the semester's end approaches, all seems good with nothing but good fortune appearing so soon. The cold fronts are coming, but it doesn't seem too blue, with everyone smiling that Santa comes soon. The midterms have passed, and some things seemed frail, but it's nothing that some extra time in the library won't re-rail. With warm cooked meals and families rejoicing, it's sometimes easy to forget where your next foot is going. I can't wait to see my husky in morning. Thus comes the end of this silly ol' nursery, so good luck to you, Ags, and may your holidays be warm and toasty. (Read More)