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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Using Technology to Enrich Veterinary Education

Using Technology to Enrich Veterinary Education When you visit the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), you will be provided a rich behind-the-scenes look at the veterinary school experience. In past years, student ambassadors have been able to discuss with our visitors some of the creative teaching methods that instructors utilize in the classroom, but now we can actively showcase these technological tools thanks to the purpose-built expansions found in our new Veterinary and Biomedical Educational Complex (VBEC). One such expansion can be seen in the Center for Educational Technologies (CET), a special department in the CVM with an imperative mission to create innovative teaching materials for the veterinary community on campus and beyond. Some of their incredible projects include 3D videos of surgical procedures, online teaching modules for practical veterinary skills (such as learning suture patterns and identifying different classes of heart murmurs), and dura... (Read More)

Learning in Second Year

Learning in Second Year Beginning the second year of veterinary school is something every first year looks forward to. You’re no longer the bottom of the barrel socially or academically. You still feel like you don’t know nearly enough, a feeling that will probably never go away entirely, but sometimes when a professor asks a question in class you might even know the answer without looking it up—not to mention the better schedule. I am much more aware of the weather patterns so far this year, especially with the nice big windows in the new school, and even get to see the sun on a regular basis. The work is still hard, but the classes are very rewarding and have been leaving me feeling much more fulfilled than the core classes I took my first year. We now know enough to apply our knowledge to case study examples and the thrill of solving a medical puzzle is something that will never get old. While learning the science behind veterinary medicine is critical, as our c... (Read More)

An Exciting Year

An Exciting Year This year is my senior year and I will be graduating in May. That is kind of scary to think about how close it is. I have always looked forward to graduation, but now it is less than a year away. I will spend this year enjoying my last year of undergrad before hopefully going to veterinary school. I have sent in all my applications, so I keep my fingers crossed and see what happens. I am excited for this year. I have a few classes that I feel like I will enjoy this year. One of my classes I am taking is companion animal science. It is a class where we learn about cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, hamsters, and other pocket pets. That’s the area I want to go into when I become a veterinarian, so it is really interesting to me. They also have guest speakers who are involved in showing dogs, racing dogs, or other people who own reptiles and other animals. I am not as excited about the reptile speakers because I don’t like snakes, but it is still interestin... (Read More)

New Year, New Building

New Year, New Building The Class of 2020, which will be the centennial graduating class (!!!), is privileged to be able to spend the next three years in the brand new, state-of-the-art Veterinary Biomedical Education Complex (VBEC) that now houses the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. For those of you that haven’t yet checked out VBEC, let me just tell you that the lecture halls and labs are NICE, which create the perfect environment for learning. In the first semester of veterinary school, first-year students all take Gross Anatomy, Histology (Microscopic Anatomy), Physiology, Immunology, Behavior, and Clinical Correlates. I have absolutely no doubt that veterinary school will soon enough become challenging and stressful, but I hope that I can always remember how great it feels to finally be not only a veterinary student, but a veterinary student at Texas A&M. (Read More)

Looking Back and Pushing Forward

Looking Back and Pushing Forward It amazes me how two years can go by. It also amazes me that two years is all that is left of my undergraduate career. These past years at Texas A&M University have helped me achieve my goal of preparing for professional school though studying and rigorous science courses. Rewind to freshman year, the fall of 2014. I started as a biomedical science major, and today I am proud to say that I have stuck with it and have added of an anthropology minor. I definitely found myself in college and have been working on figuring out life. I am a first-generation student and am attending Texas A&M. I am a very positive person and even if my stress level is at its max. I choose to laugh and bring light to my life by keeping positive. I believe every person contributes to the people they meet in life. Knowing that I can change the world motivates me. I am a type of person who is happy to get to know strangers. I push myself because I know what I d... (Read More)

Getting Ready for the First Exam in Veterinary School

Getting Ready for the First Exam in Veterinary School I will be a veterinarian in 45 months. As much as I am excited about this statement, I am also anxious to know where my 45-month journey lead me. I have just finished my third week of my veterinary school life. I am proud to say that I am surviving and still going for my dream career. The first year class schedule at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine starts at 8 a.m. and finishes almost at 5 p.m. The first semester classes include: Gross Anatomy I, Physiology I, Microscopic Anatomy I (Histology), Immunology, Veterinary Behavioral Medicine, and Clinical Correlates. It was no surprise that the first exam in veterinary school is Gross Anatomy I, and it takes place in the third week. So, three weeks into my 45-month journey does not give me much time to adapt myself to the professional student life and to cope with the fear of the anatomy exam. Here, I would like to share my experience getting ready for the first exam (and many more)... (Read More)

We Found a Cat!

We Found a Cat! So, recently my sister heard a loud, persistent meowing and assumed it was one of the two cats in my house. It turned out it was neither of our cats, but instead another cat was singing outside her window. The skinny little black-and-white cat obviously wanted something, so I decided to give him a little bit of our cat’s food to sate him and see if I could figure out if it had a owner. The cat was very sweet and didn’t really seem like a feral stray. I would later figure out that the cat is indeed a boy (not neutered) and that my neighbors have been feeding him in the past. I decided to call him “Cow,” because of his black-and-white color, and I didn’t want to call him “The Cat” or “Oreo.” Though the neighbor was calling him “Smitten,” I like “Cow” better. Currently, we’re look for his owner in hopes that he has one. We can’t take in any more animals in my house. So for now, Cow is my outdoor cat. The neighbors are planning on... (Read More)

Springtime Means Puppy Time

Springtime Means Puppy Time Can you believe it’s already mid-April? I feel like I took a nap in January and just woke up in April. The spring semester always goes by SO quickly. The last exams in most classes are happening right now so students everywhere are stressing and drinking way more coffee than normal. Right now is not a time to get a new puppy, but of course that is exactly what I did. My mother recently rescued a Yorkshire terrier mix that we share. I get her for about a week every two weeks. The puppy’s name is Sushi, and she’s the cutest thing that I have ever seen in my life. She’s an energetic ball of wily hair that weighs three pounds, so of course she’s spoiled rotten. When we first adopted her, I was set that she would never get on the couch or sleep in the bed or own a ton of toys. She quickly found a loophole to getting on the couch by climbing up legs, she sleeps right next to me on my bed, and she now is the proud owner of nine toys. She wins the he... (Read More)

CVM Open House

CVM Open House Open House at the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences was last weekend. Admittedly, everyone who helped out with the event, myself included, is pretty tired today. But, it was a great day that displayed all that veterinary medicine has to offer. Visitors were able to tour the facilities; perform “Teddy Bear Surgery;” meet some dogs, reptiles, and maybe even a unicorn; and watch demonstrations by a few animal groups that were kind enough to come. It was a great day that helped reveal the diversity present in the field of veterinary medicine. As a veterinary student, it’s very easy to get lost in the flood of information we are presented with every day. While we all know vet school is worth the hard work, and we would not be here if this wasn’t our passion, sometimes we can lose sight of the excitement and wonder that brought us here. An event like Open House is wonderful not just for the public, who is able to catch a glimpse... (Read More)

Final Days as a 3VM

Final Days as a 3VM One month stands between my classmates and I and the first day of our fourth and final year at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM). It almost feels surreal; however I know this is a day we have been anxiously awaiting since we found out we had been accepted into the program. It is a dream come true to finally be facing this day and everything that comes along with it. We will now be treated as doctors and—even scarier—be expected to act like one! As third year is coming to an end, I can't help but feel somewhat scared. It's always nerve racking making a big change, and this is no exception. While the first three years have been filled with countless hours of lectures and studying, they have also given me the chance to make some of my best friends. I will truly miss our time together as we now go our separate ways and on our own paths. It also saddens me to be leaving my position as an ambassador for t... (Read More)