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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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My 'Last' Summer

My 'Last' Summer As I write this blog entry, I have just finished my eighth final exam and have now officially completed my second year of veterinary school! “Whoop” to being “half” of a DVM! Second year has been challenging, but it also has been filled with new and exciting knowledge, as well as great memories like receiving my white coat! The end of the year is always an exciting time, but this year it means that I’m now entering my last summer break EVER. The summer between your second and third years of veterinary school is the final summer break that you will get as a veterinary student because there is only a one-weekend break between the end of your third year and the start of you fourth-year clinical rotations. Therefore, I’m determined to make this summer count, with a lot of fun and interesting veterinary experiences planned for the summer. I also have left myself some time toward the end of the summer to simply relax and enjoy family and friends befor... (Read More)

Departing Advice for Vet School Success

Departing Advice for Vet School Success I am now only a week and a half away from starting my clinical year! Because our clinical year is so busy, fourth-year students do not serve as ambassadors, which means I will be leaving the team as both a member and its leader. While reflecting on my first three years of veterinary school, I remembered my blog post from first year that summarized my advice for veterinary school. These lessons were helpful to me in my second and third year and will continue to serve me well in my final year of veterinary school. If I could give one final piece of advice for succeeding in veterinary school, I would say that success in veterinary school is determined as much by your attitude as by your knowledge and experience. With that in mind, below is a list of five personality traits that I believe are valuable in veterinary school: Resilience: Veterinary school is full of challenges, both academically and emotionally. My classmates and I all have had to ... (Read More)

Receiving a White Coat

Receiving a White Coat While the school year is almost over, it feels like everything is starting to pick up! Within the next two weeks I have one quiz and seven finals. It’s the time to test what we know and find out what we don’t. I was able to pick my electives for next year and I picked some that would cover all aspects of veterinary medicine, including some small, large, and even exotic work. I am really looking forward to working with wildlife! On Friday I received my white coat. The White Coat Ceremony marks our halfway journey to becoming veterinarians, and during the event, all of my classmates and I got to walk across the stage and put on that coat in front of our family and friends. After this semester, we will start working in the clinics with actual patients, which is why we need the white coat! We still will have some lecture courses but will finally be able to put our knowledge to the test. My whole family came down for the event, and it was such a gre... (Read More)

(Almost) Halfway There!

(Almost) Halfway There! As a second-year veterinary student, I’m rapidly approaching the halfway mark in my veterinary education. In between the busy schedules and exams this semester, there’s been a lot of cause for celebration in my class! Just a couple weeks ago, many of my classmates received their Aggie Rings with their family and friends by their side. Although I already received my ring as an undergraduate at A&M, I remember how exciting it was to earn that ring and feel like a full member of the Aggie family. Now, we all have a physical reminder on our hand of all the hard work we’ve put into our education and the bonds of tradition that tie us to this school forever. In another exciting development, my class recently selected their electives for the upcoming school year. The third year of vet school is unique because it allows students to build their class schedules around their individual career goals, and it focuses more on the clinical application of ... (Read More)

The Five-Week Countdown

The Five-Week Countdown Today marks the five-week countdown until fourth year. That’s right; in just five short weeks of my entire veterinary academic career, I will be entering into clinics. I’m pretty sure yesterday I was going through orientation for my first year of veterinary school, and I was eating, breathing, and living anatomy. Yet, somehow, in what will seem like the shortest month and some change of my life, I will already be a year from graduating and becoming a veterinarian. When you’re entering into your four-year journey of becoming a veterinarian, everyone will continuously tell you to “enjoy it” because it will “go by so quickly,” and while you’re studying for a mountain of tests, working on homework assignments, and trying to balance your sanity, it is really hard to believe them. But let me tell you, from the perspective of someone who is only a year away from being done, yes, there will be weeks where it seems like class will never end—you are cons... (Read More)

Finishing First Year

Finishing First Year In 41 days, I officially will be finished with my first year of vet school. Come May 5, I will have taken more than 40 exams, listened to roughly 200 hours of lectures, spent more than 200 hours in the gross anatomy lab, and easily put in more than 1,000 hours of studying, all since we stepped into our brand-new vet school complex on Aug. 22. Whenever anyone asks me how vet school has been going, my go-to answer always tends to be something along the lines of, "It's certainly challenging, but so doable." It comes as no surprise that vet school is challenging. After all, we're here to become doctors—that should be no easy feat! Gone are the undergraduate days of committing information to memory for the sole purpose of doing well on an exam, only to forget all of it in a matter of minutes. As a vet student, I am striving to make sure that I truly am understanding what we are being taught and learning the material so that it really makes sense, so... (Read More)

Preparing for Graduation and the Future

Preparing for Graduation and the Future We have a little over a month left of school, which means we only have around 40 days till graduation. It is a little weird to think about graduating. I absolutely love A&M, so its bittersweet that my undergraduate career is ending soon. This semester has been a busy one for me, academically. I am in physiology this semester. It is a tough class, as we have to read and watch videos before every meeting. It is a lot to balance between other classes and the organizations I am in, but I do my best to try to stay on top and also try to relax and have fun sometimes. Spring Break helped; it was nice to finally catch up on sleep, have movie nights with friends, and play with my puppy. The week before Spring Break I had two tests and a paper due, so it was a much-deserved break. I also got to go home and spend some time with my family, whom I haven’t seen in about a month or two. It was nice to have a home-cooked meal for a change, since when hav... (Read More)

Learning and Helping at TVMA

Learning and Helping at TVMA I recently had the opportunity to attend the TVMA Annual Conference & Expo, here at the new Veterinary & Biomedical Education Complex, which included lectures, workshops, a tradeshow, and committee meetings. As a veterinary student, I was privileged enough to benefit from this experience and was even able to help with the event. On Friday, I was lucky enough to serve as one of the student representatives on the Bovine Practitioner Committee. A group of bovine practitioners meet at least twice every year to discuss issues important to their industry and make recommendations to the TVMA on issues that affect them. It was an eye-opening experience to see how these veterinarians interacted with each other, and I learned about emergent issues in the bovine health field that I was not previously aware of, such as an outbreak of fever ticks, the upcoming sunset review, and the new Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD). On Saturday, I assisted as ... (Read More)

Spring Break and Looking to 4th Year

Spring Break and Looking to 4th Year Spring Break is just a week away, and I am so ready for it. But it is also very bittersweet. This will be my last vacation before starting my fourth and final year of vet school. Breaks are so important. Here at Texas A&M, we really strive for overall wellness, not just academic wellness but physical and mental wellness, as well. As part of my mental and social wellness, I participate heavily with a student organization outside of the vet school. This Spring Break we will be taking a trip to Arkansas and going to various museums and on nature walks. Even though I am so excited for the chance to take a breather, I can’t help but think to the future. In just two months’ time, I will start my last year of vet school. These past four years of undergrad and three years of vet school all have lead up to one final year of clinics before I earn my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. I thought I would feel more nervous, but an overwhelming sense o... (Read More)

The Countdown

The Countdown They tell us at orientation that Vet School will go by “in the blink of an eye,” and I never really believed them. But now, as I enter the fifth week of my fourth semester of Vet School, I’m really beginning to notice how fast it all goes by! I’m only a second-year student, but soon enough I will be halfway done with my veterinary medical education, and into my third-year. As a third-year student, I will have opportunities to take electives that are geared towards my career path of mixed animal veterinary medicine. I always seem to find myself counting down to something, and this semester is no different with many exciting events coming up. This is the fifth week of class, which means that I’m already one-third of the way through this semester. There are also only five more weeks until Spring Break, when I’ll be going skiing with friends in Colorado. I’m involved in Vet School Open House as the Publicity Co-Executive, which is just over 50 day... (Read More)