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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Learning to Love a Cat

Learning to Love a Cat Since I was a kid, I have always been a "dog-person." I would say that I didn't mind cats, but that would be a lie. I hated cats, almost as much as my terrier, Oliver, hated them. In fact, if I spotted a cat on one of our walks, I would sharply ask Oliver, "where's the cat?!" so he could go searching for it (but never actually getting close enough to touch). I couldn't get over the fact that they used the bathroom in the house, walked in it, and then walked anywhere they wanted, including the kitchen counters.  Given how I felt about cats, my friends and family were surprised when I announced that I had adopted a 1-month-old kitten named Callie.  She had managed to crawl into the bottom of my car, and I had driven down the highway for about 10 minutes without knowing she was there.  She clearly was a stray and needed a home, so I decided to give her a shot. Plus, she clearly was spunky enough to hang on during the 60 mph ride, so I... (Read More)

What’s my plan after graduation?

What’s my plan after graduation? Howdy Ags! I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break!! I definitely did, and I was not looking forward to going back to classes. BUT look on the bright side: only a little less than two more months of classes until the semester is over AND I graduate! As happy as I am to graduate I am so scared at the same time because now I am a grown up and it’s time to get a job! So what’s my plan? I’m glad you asked! Unfortunately, I did not get into vet school at Texas A&M. However, I did get an interview to Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine in Tennessee. I am still waiting to hear a decision from them, so in the meantime I am applying to get my master’s degree, just in case I don’t get into vet school. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to get my master’s in. At one point I wanted to get it in social work, then I thought about getting it in public heath, and then I thought about getting it in biomedical scienc... (Read More)

Spring Break!

Spring Break! Spring Break is officially underway! Like all vet students, I was counting down the days until I had a week all to myself.  The second year class finished another long week of tests, and by the end, I was ready for a break! After wrapping up class on Friday, a couple of my friends and I went to see Frozen (which I highly recommend!) and ate lunch.  It was the perfect way to begin to decompress and rediscover this foreign concept of "free time".  My plans for the rest of the week include fishing at Lake Bryan (weather permitting), planning my wedding, seeing friends, and reading at least one book for fun. But, as much as I love free time, when the time comes to start class again I'll be ready to finish the rest of the semester.  My classmates and I have several things to look forward to as we wrap up second year.  In April, my class will get our white coats at a special White Coat Ceremony... (Read More)

Finally Spring Break

Finally Spring Break It's finally Spring Break and I don't know about you guys, but I have been counting down to this for the past month. Every late night study session and challenging test in these past couple of weeks has brought us exactly to this week of pure, unadulterated FREEDOM. Except it's kind of not. Many of us (read "most of us") still have quite a comprehensive to-do list for the break, most of which consists of assignments our professors sneaked in as we studied for our second round of exams. No worries, though: in the end, we get a week off from classes to give our bodies the rest and recuperation they both need and deserve. Whether your version of recuperation consists of sunning on the beach 24/7 or lazing about the house with no pants on, do it, and do it as often as possible. We have worked hard this semester and have earned this break. So between the graduate school application you're completing, post-break exam you're studying for, room organiz... (Read More)

Countdown to Spring Break

Countdown to Spring Break I'm not sure if you've heard—but Spring Break is ALMOST here! We are nine weeks into the semester and this break will be well deserved. For us first year veterinary students, the only thing standing in our way is a neurology quiz and a microbiology test. I'm not sure if studying is easier or harder, knowing that the break is so soon! I am going to San Antonio, my hometown, for the week. I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends, as well as some good Mexican food. The weather looks to be nice, especially compared to our little winter blast! I will definitely be using the time to recharge and get ready for the last half of second semester. It's crazy, but for the Class of 2017, the end of first year is in sight! (Read More)

Figuring out the Rest of my Life

Figuring out the Rest of my Life Hello! Well, it is that time again. I’m soon entering my last leg of the veterinary school tour. My class has only a few months left until our clinical year starts. I am officially over studying for exams—I want to study to learn it, not to cram it. I want to apply the knowledge we have learned and soon I will have the chance! With the next chapter of my life soon opening, my thoughts have turned toward life in practice versus life in school. I am currently trying to decide where I want to practice. Houston, San Antonio, the Dallas area: all of these places are options. My parents live in Denver, Colorado, so that too is an option. Having so many possibilities makes the decision more challenging. I have also over the last year considered applying for a clinical pathology residency, which would be another three years. I also have been thinking more about my family and working in the “real world.” The real world is a different lifestyle with ... (Read More)

Last semester in college

Last semester in college I cannot believe spring semester is almost halfway over!  My last semester in college has gone by way too quickly, each year going by faster and faster. I just got back from a vet school interview last week and absolutely loved it!  The doctors were very impressed with the course work I have completed here as a BIMS major because of how similar the classes are to the classes I would take in professional school. It was a really different experience for me, as a Texas A&M tour guide, to tour a different vet school. I was especially happy to hear how much this school was trying to be more like our own college.  The opportunities that we have as BIMS and vet students at A&M are phenomenal; anything you want to do involving animals, the school can make it happen! (Read More)

Getting Down to the Issues

Getting Down to the Issues Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) sixth annual Legislative Fly-In.  This is a program that is offered to two or three veterinary students from each veterinary school around the nation to visit Capitol Hill and learn about how the AVMA’s Governmental Relations Division works, the current legislation that is currently affecting veterinary medicine, and the process of getting legislation passed—as well as how to keep legislation from being passed.  Students and veterinarians who attend also have the opportunity to visit their congressperson to discuss the issues that the AVMA would like to see passed or not passed. Current issues that are affecting the veterinary medical profession that the AVMA would like to see passed include the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act, which would make the actual act of soring illegal and make directing another person to make a horse become sore... (Read More)

Finding the Joy

Finding the Joy One of the moments during vet school orientation that clearly stands out in my mind is when Dr. Kenita Rogers, our associate dean for professional programs, stood up in front of us and told us to "Find the joy" in every day. Often, especially during first year, those three words are used somewhat sarcastically when we are swamped with tests and running on minimal amounts of sleep. During those weeks, sometimes it feels incredibly difficult to ferret out even a small amount of joy. But, what I finally learned second semester of first year is that finding the joy makes life so much better. The second year class just finished two difficult weeks consisting of five tests in a span of about nine days. Not exactly pleasant, but also not impossible. On top of that we still had to keep up with assignments due and we also tackled our first correlates case to practice for our third year clinical correlates class. As a general rule, I try not to stress mo... (Read More)

Clinics Cometh

Clinics Cometh Many aspects of third year are designed to prepare us for the fourth year curriculum—you perform surgeries for the first time, you take medicine courses so you have the smallest of clues of what is going on with these patients, and you spend some time in the hospitals. The third year class received our fourth year clinical schedules last week. The next year of my life is now planned out on a weekly basis. When I looked over my clinical schedule I was both excited and terrified. I was elated because it meant I’m only 11 short weeks away from getting out of the classroom chair I have been sitting in for the past three years. However, the terror came from the fact that I am now responsible for what I was supposed to be learning over my veterinary school career, beyond just taking a multiple-choice exam. Unfortunately, animals don’t come with A–D options on what could be causing their clinical signs and I would no longer be able to use the old vet ... (Read More)