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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Almost Halfway Done

Almost Halfway Done The year is winding down and my class is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! We are less than two weeks away from being halfway done with vet school! In the past couple weeks we have gotten our white coats to symbolize our transition to clinical medicine, and I got my Aggie ring, which were both things I had been looking forward to since I started vet school. Another recent highlight was getting to choose my elective classes for next year. The third year curriculum differs from the first two years in that students are able to choose some of their classes to customize their schedule to reflect their interests, in addition to the mandatory classes that all third years take. It was overwhelming trying to decide which classes to take because there were so many interesting options. I decided to take mostly large animal classes with a couple small animal classes because I would like to practice mixed animal medicine. I ended up getting... (Read More)

We're Almost There

We're Almost There For those of you not keeping track of the calendar as intently as I am, I have some wonderful news. We have two and a half weeks of school left (that includes finals). This fall semester, school starts on September 1st (which roughly translates into four months of summer vacation). The groundbreaking ceremony for the CVM education complex is next Wednesday. This building will provide not only a more collaborative environment for students, but also allow the vet school to increase the incoming class size, should the need arise. A very important fact, considering A&M is the only vet school in the state. The next two and a half weeks will be grueling, filled with end-of-term papers, group project conclusions, and more tests than you can imagine, over more material than you realize you’ve covered in the entire semester, I’m sure. But let the aforementioned three points above be your guiding beacons of hope. We are truly, almost done... (Read More)

To 4th year and beyond

To 4th year and beyond We are wrapping up another semester. It amazes me to think of how fast it has gone by. This past week we had our final class-wide event, a Vet School Prom. It was a great success! We hope that future classes will continue the prom tradition to foster camaraderie among all the classes. Tuesday, I am scheduled to take my fourth year photo (our white coat photos). Today is two weeks to the day before we start fourth year clinics. I can’t believe it! It seems like just yesterday I was in El Paso working as a technician, waiting for my big break—that I would get into the veterinary program and out of El Paso. I remember being excited, but nervous to start a life somewhere else. I knew nothing of life outside the dusty mountains of El Paso. I look around at my classmates and we have all grown so close. Just a few years ago I didn’t know one of them from Adam. Now, I can’t imagine them not in my life. Don’t get me wrong: we all ready to get out of ... (Read More)

Not Getting in is not the End of the World

Not Getting in is not the End of the World Spring semester must be the busiest time of the year!  I feel like I just started my spring classes a few weeks ago, and here I am preparing for finals.  It is also the time people have just received their letters for vet school!  Congrats to everyone who applied, and an extra congrats for those that got in! On a lot of the tours I give, I am encountered with a lot of "what if" questions from concerned parents and potential students.  Because so many people are now faced with pressing what if questions, I wanted to address some of them with my own personal and professional opinion!   Q: What if I don't get into vet school? A:  Don't worry!  First off, take a breath.  Is this your first time applying?  I have met some people who got in the first time, and some who took six times to get in. The average number of times applying to vet school before getting in is about three, so don't worry! &nbs... (Read More)

Clinics: Class of 2015, Here We Come!

Clinics: Class of 2015, Here We Come! Just one more month and the Class of 2015 will be in clinics!  As we wrap up lectures with clinicians, we continue to hear the phrase, “See you in a few weeks!”  It still has not hit me how close we are to actually being in the hospital, talking to clients, and taking care of patients.  Time has gone by so quickly.  It just seems like the other day I was a first year in the anatomy lab learning origins and insertions of muscles and reeking of formalin.  Since then, I have successfully performed my very first spay along with a limb amputation, an intestinal resection and anastamosis, and teeth extractions, given countless tours and advice to prospective veterinary students, and exposed children to the joys of veterinary medicine by helping them “treat” their stuffed animals during Open House, all while studying for what seems like a never-ending amount of tests, coordinating meetings for student organizations, and attempti... (Read More)

Life at the animal house

Life at the animal house The countdown is in full swing now: in exactly four weeks, there will be a new set of graduate veterinarians and a bunch of novice fourth year students in the clinics. As I prepare to leave the classroom for good, I must also find a new place to live. For the past three years of my veterinary school career, I have resided at the Stevenson Companion Animal Life-Care Center with three other veterinary students and about 35 furry friends. I still remember the first time I went to the allergist my first year and I was filling out my admission form when it asked, "How many animals do you live with?" I answered this question with great enthusiasm: 19 cats, 16 dogs, and a llama with a bit of an attitude problem. When the doctor finally came in I could easily tell when he got to this question because his eyes got about three times larger. The doctor gasped, "You live with 35 animals?!" I calmly replied, "Allow me to explain." The Stevenson Center ... (Read More)

Time needs to slow down just a touch

Time needs to slow down just a touch Today is the white coat ceremony for the second year class. I remember that day so well last year, and I remember thinking, "What on earth am I getting this white coat for? It will be forever until I am in the clinics; I mean, I understand the symbolism, but I am still going to be sitting in a classroom for a while," etc., etc. Now I just want to slam on the breaks because we will be in the clinics in a short 30 days, and even though they say we are ready, I am hesitant. It is now time to leave the comfort of our padded chairs, PowerPoints, dark classrooms, coffee breaks, naps, and basic hermitage in these walls right outside the clinics, time to enter into the public eye and work with owners to help their pets be happy and healthy.  It has also been more evident over the last few weeks that the clinicians are teaching us differently. They are not focusing on the books and what those books say about diseases; they know we can read at thi... (Read More)

Getting Our White Coats

Getting Our White Coats This Friday is a very big day for second year vet students. I and every other second year vet student are looking forward to getting our white coats. Our white coats mark the halfway point in our vet school career and symbolize not only how far we have come, but also what we have to look forward to in the next two years. Our white coats are what we will wear when we are in clinics, seeing actual patients, talking to actual clients, and using the amazing education that we have been given. The White Coat Ceremony is similar to graduation in that we all line up alphabetically and cross the stage one by one. Instead of receiving a diploma, though, our professors present us with our white coat and actually “coat” us by helping us put it on. It is attended by our family members, and I am very excited to get to see my family when they get here on Friday. I have been looking forward to this moment pretty much since I began vet school, and I am so excit... (Read More)

Realizations and the MCAT

Realizations and the MCAT We are about halfway through the semester! As each day creeps by, I realize even more how much I completely underestimated the rigor of some of my courses. However, I know I can pull through. It’s just not in me to give up. Something I’ve been learning throughout the year is that there’s a blessing in every lesson, and everything I and other pre-health students are enduring right now is just preparation for future success. In more school-related news, the MCAT has definitely been a pervasive thought in my head for the past few weeks. I know insecurity is something many people face when prepping to take the test, but I literally take a few minutes every day to just imagine the importance the test has in determining whether I get into medical school or not. Anyone who knows me knows that for a while when asked what track I am, I generally replied with “pre-medipharmacy” due to my inability to decide whether I wanted to pursue pharmacy or medic... (Read More)

Open House

Open House On March 29th, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences will be opening up their doors for the 21st annual Vet School Open House.  The event first started as petting zoo to help show off the college and over the years it has developed into a grand day of events.  Anyone is welcome to come, and there are activities for all ages. So, what actually goes on at Open House? In the weeks leading up to the event, vet students judge art projects submitted by K-12 students, and the results are then displayed in the halls of the school.  There are exhibits and lectures indoors, such as a question and answer session with vet students, where individuals can ask pretty much anything—including what a veterinarian actually does.  Also, Search and Rescue Dogs 101, training and behavior tips, and nutritional information for cats and dogs can be found in the lecture halls of rooms 5 and 201. There are many exhib... (Read More)