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  • Video Recording - Video recording is done with Mini-DV recorders. We can record in our studio, on location, and even off campus when needed. From Mini-DV, video can be captured and edited and or copied to VHS, DVD, or compressed and put on CD.
  • Video Editing - Video on DV, VHS and even DVD can be captured to our video editing system. Other media can be captured when arranged for a camera or deck of that media type with output capabilities can be brought along with the media. From there it can be clipped, arranged and exported back to tape or any other type of media or format.
  • Duplication - Duplications can be made to Mini-DV, VHS, or DVD. We carry multiple lengths of VHS and Mini-DV tapes are available. We record to DVD-R's for best consistency and reliability to view Video DVD's in DVD decks and computers.
    • Speed
      • Mini-DV's can only be duplicated to in real time and one at a time. Each Mini-DV recorded to requires one duplication fee (plus cost of stock tape).
      • VHS tapes can be recorded up to five(5) at a time in real time and requires only one Duplication Fee per five(5) VHS tapes recorded to (plus cost of stock tapes).
      • DVD's can be duplicated at higher speeds and quantities. This varies based on the amount of video placed on the DVD. A good estimated average would be 100 per day.
    • Labels - Generic labeling is free when media is purchased from us.
      • Mini-DV tapes come with sticker labels, but must be hand written.
      • VHS Tapes are printed with a generic template and text that you specify.
      • DVD labels are printed directly on the DVD based on a generic template and the text that you specify.


  • Powerpoint Presentation - We can compress special footage from most media to work inside your powerpoint presentations.
  • DVD Video for Learning - We can take up to two hours of video clips on a Video DVD (can be played on almost any DVD Deck or computer w/ a DVD disk reader). Using the same technology as is on movie DVDs, we can create an interactive menu based DVD for viewing or reviewing important video.
  • Archive Important Video Footage - Allow us to put useful or critical video on high quality Mini-DV media or DVD disc.