­Texas A&M University Establishes New Equine Certificate Program

Texas A&M University's Department of Animal Science is excited to announce the addition of the Equine Certificate beginning in fall 2012. The Equine Certificate is comprised of 22 credits in select equine courses, and is open to students of any major.

"Many of the courses included in the Equine Certificate were already in place at Texas A&M. Our goal in establishing the certificate was to give students with an equine interest credit for a body of coursework that will help them as they pursue leadership positions in the equine industry," said Dr. Martha Vogelsang, Senior Lecturer and Section Leader for the Equine Section.

In addition to existing equine coursework, students who pursue the certificate will take three new equine courses: equine industry and career preparation, equine disease and epidemiology, and issues in the equine industry. "Creating the certificate allows Texas A&M to draw on the existing curricular strengths at Texas A&M, as well as identify key areas in which to develop new courses that are vital to the success of our equine students," said Dr. Jim Heird, Executive Professor & Coordinator of the Equine Initiative at Texas A&M. "Completion of the certificate will signify that students have gained knowledge in equine nutrition, reproduction, disease, handling, management, career preparation, and industry issues. Further, each student will complete an internship as a part of the certificate requirements, giving students hands-on experience in the industry."

The Equine Certificate is open to students of any major at Texas A&M, allowing students to customize their education. For example, students preparing for a career as an equine veterinarian may choose to pair the certificate with a major in Biomedical Sciences or Animal Science. Students preparing for a business-focused career can pair the certificate with majors such as Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Leadership, or majors within the Mays Business School. "Students pursuing the Equine Certificate will be able to take advantage of the excellent advising in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, which will help them to maximize their education and prepare them to be successful upon graduation," said Dr. Russell Cross, Animal Science Department Head at Texas A&M.

Students will be able to declare for the Equine Certificate beginning in fall 2012. More information for the certificate can be found at www.TAMUequine.com or by calling the Equine Initiative offices at 979-845-6098.

Equine Certificate Requirements

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