­Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine Hosts Equine Reproduction Short Course

While thousands of new Aggies were moving onto campus on August 22, another group was wrapping up a three-day seminar at the Large Animal Hospital. For the first time, the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences hosted a complimentary short course in Equine Reproduction for people who have participated in the Legends Premier Stallion Season Auction.

The Legends auction is an online auction to which stallion owners donate breedings, or seasons. These seasons are then auctioned to mare owners, with the proceeds going to support equine reproductive research at Texas A&M University. The first two years of the auction generated more than $500,000, which has supported research projects through Stallion Reproductive Studies at Texas A&M.

"We are so appreciative of the support that the industry has provided us," said Dr. Dickson Varner, a stallion reproductive specialist at Texas A&M. "This short course was our opportunity to give back to the industry, and to say thank you to those who have shown us such great support through the Legends auction."

The three-day seminar began with a welcome BBQ and social hour hosted at the Bright Athletic Complex, and continued with a full day of lectures presented in the Burkhart Auditorium at Kyle Field. The final day of the seminar gave participants the opportunity to observe wet lab procedures at the Large Animal Hospital and the Reproduction Pavilion. Lectures and labs covered both mare and stallion reproduction topics.

"Not only were we able to offer an outstanding seminar to the participants in the Legends auction, but thanks to the support of Purina Mills and Texas A&M Athletics, we were able to do it free of charge," said Dr. Jim Heird, Executive Professor for the Equine Initiative at Texas A&M. "This seminar was the perfect way to showcase the incredible talent of the reproductive specialists at Texas A&M, as well as the beauty and uniqueness of our campus."

Dr. Eleanor Green, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, spoke to the participants on Saturday morning about just a few of the advances in animal medicine and management that have originated at Texas A&M. "Texas A&M is the leader in equine reproductive research. Texas is number one in horses. When you combine that with the incredible spirit and drive of Texas A&M, you have to ask - where else but Texas?"

"Support from generous sponsors allows Texas A&M to remain one of the top equine reproduction programs in the world. This support fosters research that creates new knowledge to the direct benefit of equine patients and the horse industry. At the 2010 International Equine Reproduction Symposium that hosted researchers and scholars from around the globe, nearly one quarter of the abstracts and presentations came from Texas A&M."

To learn more about the Legends Premier Stallion Season Auction or equine reproductive research at Texas A&M University, contact the Equine Initiative offices at (979) 845-6098.



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