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Griffin & Posey
Through partnerships with West Texas A&M, Prairie View A&M, Tarleton State, and Texas A&M-Kingsville, the CVM is committed to serving every Texan every day.

An Advisor for the Ages

An Advisor for the Ages “It takes a veterinarian to know a veterinarian,” said Posey. Dr. Dan Posey, special programs director at West Texas A&M’s branch of the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Center (TAMVMC), teaches classes, practices veterinary medicine, gives a weekly seminar, and has now added undergraduate advising to his repertoire. Before Posey took the initiative to become an advising source for pre-veterinary students, the students were left with non-veterinarian faculty, “none of whom were really involved in understanding the application for veterinary school,” according to Posey. Posey recognized the problem this posed for these potential veterinary students and decided to take action. Since then, undergraduate students have lined up outside his office daily to receive guidance and soak up the many years of experience he has to offer. Posey works with undergraduate students, giving him added time to sow seeds of confidence, perseverance, and knowle... (Read More)

Dr. Dan Posey: Facilitating a Partnership at West Texas

Dr. Dan Posey: Facilitating a Partnership at West Texas Serving every Texan every day calls for top-tier veterinarians, and the Texas A&M University System has risen to the task. Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Center (TAMVMC) partnerships are being created and strengthened within several Texas A&M System universities, producing a network of innovation and support for pre-veterinary and veterinary students pursuing degrees in veterinary medicine. Although many goals are outlined by the TAMVMC initiative, increasing the quantity of rural veterinarian presence and diversity of the student body are two fundamental goals of the program. Dr. Dan Posey, director of special programs, is stationed at the West Texas A&M (WT) branch of the TAMVMC and has centered his focus around building a strong foundation for this program and setting students up for success within their undergraduate degree plan that sets them up for Texas A&M’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. Posey’s commitment ... (Read More)