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Housing Per Diem and Service Rates

All animal housing and pen sizes must meet federal and university regulations relative to size, design and construction. VMP has the required pens to meet requirements for conventional and Biohazard Level 2 research for most species.

VMP will work with investigators to meet housing requirements for special research applications whenever possible. VMP primarily houses horses, cattle, swine, sheep, and goats. However, limited facilities are also available to house deer, coyotes, and dogs.

Investigators that are not in the TAMU System should contact Dr. Clay Ashley at 979-845-6488 or by email at for non-TAMUS per diem and service rates.

Please contact VMP for future Housing and Surgery estimates
Investigators should expect a minimum 5% annual increase when writing future grant proposals

VMP 2013 Per Diem and Service Rates for TAMUS Investigators

The rates shown below are effective January 01, 2013 to August 31,2013

Animal Per Diems (Cost Per Day)
Code Description TAMUS Rate
1A Cows - Slab $5.00
1B Cows - Pasture $4.13
1C Goats/Sheep - Slab $3.41
1D Goats/Sheep - Pasture $3.31
1E Horses - Stall $13.18
1F Horses - Pasture $4.98
1G Pigs $3.20
Hauling/Cleaning Fees
Code Description TAMUS Rate
2A Hauling - Live $31.63 + actual gas
2B Hauling - Dead $25.00
2C Hauling - BL2 $60.00
4A Decontamination $48.40
4B Cleaning - Per Lg. Pen $45.00
4C Cleaning - Stall Decon $15.00
BSL2 Building Fees (Cost Per Day
Code Description TAMUS Rate
3C Building 1044 $3.63
3D Buidings 1220-1228 $20.86
6B Autoclave/Load $20.00
4A Decontamination $48.40
Labor Rates
Code Description TAMUS Rate
5A Vet Rate $70.00
5B Tech Rate $30.00
Blood Collection Per Unit
Code Description TAMUS Rate
6A Blood Collection $30.00
Surgery and Miscellaneous Fees
Code Description TAMUS Rate
3A Surgery Room $25.00
3B ABSL2 Surgery Room $52.00
7A Direct Costs 28%

Control and Monitoring

VMP staff monitor the quality of feed, water, and bedding where used. Daily animal health evaluations are preformed by the Veterinary Medical Park Staff.

Temperature, humidity, and disinfectant routines are monitored in the Biosafe Facilities.