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Veterinary Technology

General Information

Veterinary Technology is a two-year program with a competitive admissions process that admits new classes only in the fall semester. Students in the program are prepared with knowledge and skills to work in a number of animal health fields. The Veterinary Technology Program is a collaborative effort between Blinn College and the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, where second-year students will receive much of their clinical education.

Job Responsibilities

Owners of pets and other animals expect state-of-the-art veterinary health care for their animals, just as they would expect quality care for themselves and their other family members. To provide this service, veterinarians use the skills of RVTs who perform many of the same duties for a veterinarian that a nurse would for a physician. They often perform laboratory tests, administer prescribed treatments for various medical conditions and diseases in animals, administer anesthesia and assist in surgery, and provide general animal care.

Job Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Labor projects faster than average growth of overall job opportunities for veterinary technicians to be excellent. RVTs have higher salaries than veterinary assistants with the mean annual wage near $30,000.

While most RVTs are employed in private veterinary practices, other employment opportunities include animal shelters, stables, reproductive facilities, zoos, wildlife facilities, pharmaceutical sales, the military, and homeland security. While the goal of most RVTs is to promote animal health, some contribute to human health through biomedical research activities and work in laboratory facilities where they assist veterinarians and other scientists in medically-related fields such as gene therapy, cancer research, and cloning.

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