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Michelle Yeoman



Department: VIBS

Photo of Yeoman, Michelle


I'm very busy these days doing what I love: teaching, writing, and learning. I currently lecture at Texas A&M University, where I help pre-med students improve their writing and revising skills. I'm also a graduate student in cultural medical anthropology, also here at Texas A&M. My research goals are to understand how narrative and storytelling can serve as a cultural bridge to advance Global One Health initiatives. My next major adventure is creating a writing-intensive study abroad course in Thailand, to be offered in summer 2018. The working course title is "Case Studies in Global One Health." Students will learn about Thai culture and public health, work with elephants and other exotic species, and rescue sea turtles at a sanctuary.

Scholarly Interests

My main research interests are in narrative and storytelling in health communication, maternal and infant mortality, food and nutrition, and health and gender disparities.

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