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Loren C Skow


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Phone: (979) 845-3194

Mailstop: 4458

Department: VIBS

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  • Ph.D. WFSC, Texas A&M University 1976
  • M.S. Biology, Abilene Christian University 1970
  • B.S. Sec Ed, Abilene Christian University 1968


  • none

Scholarly Interests

Comparative genomics of mammals with emphasis on organization and evolution of the mammalian genome; molecular analysis of the major histocompatibility complex of hoofed animals; genetic mechanisms of inherent resistance to infectious diseases.


Gene for ovarian granulosa cell tumor susceptibility, Gct, in SWXJ recombinant inbred strains of mice revealed by dehydroepiandrosterone.
Beamer WG, Tennent BJ, Shultz KL, Nadeau JH, Shultz LD, Skow LC
Cancer Res. 48(18):5092-5.
Polymorphism and linkage of the alpha A-crystallin gene in t-haplotypes of the mouse.
Skow LC, Nadeau JN, Ahn JC, Shin HS, Artzt K, Bennett D
Genetics. 116(1):107-11.
A second polymorphic lens crystallin (LEN-2) in the mouse: genetic and biochemical analysis of LEN-1 and LEN-2.
Skow LC, Donner ME, Popp RA, Bailiff EG
Biochem Genet. 23(1-2):181-9.
Resolution of products of the duplicated hemoglobin alpha-chain loci by isoelectric focusing.
Whitney JB 3rd, Copland GT, Skow LC, Russell ES
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 76(2):867-71.
Genetic variation for prolidase (PEP-4) in the mouse maps near the gene for glucosephosphate isomerase (GPI-1) on chromosome 7.
Skow LC
Biochem Genet. 19(7-8):695-700.
Expression of embryonic hemoglobin genes in mice heterozygous for alpha-thalassemia or beta-duplication traits and in mice heterozygous for both traits.
Popp RA, Marsh CL, Skow LC
Dev Biol. 85(1):123-8.
Effects of alpha thalassemia on mouse development.
Popp RA, Bradshaw BS, Skow LC
Differentiation. 17(3):205-10.
Expression of embryonic hemoglobin genes in alpha-thalassemic and in beta-duplication mice.
Popp RA, Skow LC, Whitney JB 3rd
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 344:280-3.
Genetic variation at a locus (TAM-1) for submaxillary gland protease in the mouse and its location on chromosome No. 7.
Skow LC
Genetics. 90(4):713-24.
Inherited enzyme variation among JAX strains of domestic rabbits.
Skow LC, Fox RR, Womack JE
J Hered. 69(3):165-8.
Localization of the gene for the vitamin B12 binding protein, transcobalamin II, near the centromere on mouse chromosome 11, linked with the hemoglobin alpha-chain locus.
Fràter-Schröder M, Prochazka M, Haller O, Arwert F, Porck HJ, Skow LC, Lundin LG, Hilkens J, Hilgers J
Biochem Genet. 23(1-2):139-53.
Hematology of a murine beta-thalassemia: a longitudinal study.
Popp RA, Popp DM, Johnson FM, Skow LC, Lewis SE
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 445:432-44.
Linkage of the locus encoding the A chain of alpha-crystallin (Acry-1) to the major histocompatibility complex in the rat.
Skow LC, Kunz HW, Gill TJ 3rd
Immunogenetics. 22(3):291-3.
Conserved linkage within a 4-cM region of mouse chromosome 9 and human chromosome 11.
Antonucci TK, Von Deimling OH, Rosenblum BB, Skow LC, Meisler MH
Genetics. 107(3):463-75.
A mouse model for beta-thalassemia.
Skow LC, Burkhart BA, Johnson FM, Popp RA, Popp DM, Goldberg SZ, Anderson WF, Barnett LB, Lewis SE
Cell. 34(3):1043-52.
Analysis of a mouse alpha-globin gene mutation induced by ethylnitrosourea.
Popp RA, Bailiff EG, Skow LC, Johnson FM, Lewis SE
Genetics. 105(1):157-67.
Location of a gene controlling electrophoretic variation in mouse gamma-crystallins.
Skow LC
Exp Eye Res. 34(4):509-16.
The gene controlling the binding sites of Dolichos biflorus agglutinin, Dlb-1, is on chromosome 11 of the mouse.
Uiterdijk HG, Ponder BA, Festing MF, Hilgers J, Skow L, Van Nie R
Genet Res. 47(2):125-9.
Dominant visible and electrophoretically expressed mutations induced in male mice exposed to ethylene oxide by inhalation.
Lewis SE, Barnett LB, Felton C, Johnson FM, Skow LC, Cacheiro N, Shelby MD
Environ Mutagen. 8(6):867-72.
Electrophoretic variation in low molecular weight lens crystallins from inbred strains of rats.
Donner ME, Skow LC, Kunz HW, Gill TJ 3rd
Biochem Genet. 23(9-10):787-800.
A mutation in the beta-globin gene detected in the progeny of a female mouse treated with ethylnitrosourea.
Lewis SE, Johnson FM, Skow LC, Popp D, Barnett LB, Popp RA
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 82(17):5829-31.
The locus encoding alpha A-crystallin is closely linked to H-2K on mouse chromosome 17.
Skow LC, Donner ME
Genetics. 110(4):723-32.
Sixty-seven new equine microsatellite loci assigned to the equine radiation hybrid map.
Wagner ML, Goh G, Wu JT, Morrison LY, Alexander LJ, Raudsepp T, Skow LC, Chowdhary BP, Mickelson JR
Anim Genet. 35(6):484-6.
Thirty-five new equine microsatellite loci assigned to genetic linkage and radiation hybrid maps.
Mickelson JR, Wagner ML, Goh G, Wu JT, Morrison LY, Alexander LJ, Raudsepp T, Skow LC, Chowdhary BP, Swinburne JE, Binns MM
Anim Genet. 35(6):481-4.
Radiation hybrid mapping of 63 previously unreported equine microsatellite loci.
Wagner ML, Goh G, Wu JT, Raudsepp T, Morrison LY, Alexander LJ, Skow LC, Chowdhary BP, Mickelson JR
Anim Genet. 35(2):159-62.
Genetic mapping of GBE1 and its association with glycogen storage disease IV in American Quarter horses.
Ward TL, Valberg SJ, Lear TL, Guérin G, Milenkovic D, Swinburne JE, Binns MM, Raudsepp T, Skow L, Chowdhary BP, Mickelson JR
Cytogenet Genome Res. 102(1-4):201-6.
Radiation hybrid mapping of 75 previously unreported equine microsatellite loci.
Wagner ML, Goh G, Wu JT, Raudsepp T, Morrison LY, Alexander LJ, Skow LS, Chowdhary BP, Mickelson JR
Anim Genet. 35(1):68-71.
The second generation of the International Equine Gene Mapping Workshop half-sibling linkage map.
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Anim Genet. 34(3):161-8.
Polymorphisms in MHC-DRA and -DRB alleles of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) reveal different features from cattle DR alleles.
Sena L, Schneider MP, Brenig B, Honeycutt RL, Womack JE, Skow LC
Anim Genet. 34(1):1-10.
Construction of a 5000(rad) whole-genome radiation hybrid panel in the horse and generation of a comprehensive and comparative map for ECA11.
Chowdhary BP, Raudsepp T, Honeycutt D, Owens EK, Piumi F, Guérin G, Matise TC, Kata SR, Womack JE, Skow LC
Mamm Genome. 13(2):89-94.
Identification of two polymorphic microsatellite repeats on a bovine TNFA-containing BAC clone.
Wambugu J, Kanguha E, Hanotte O, Davis S, Taylor J, Skow L, Brunner R, Schwerin M, Teale A, Iraqi F
Anim Genet. 32(2):105-6.
Differential introgression of uniparentally inherited markers in bison populations with hybrid ancestries.
Ward TJ, Skow LC, Gallagher DS, Schnabel RD, Nall CA, Kolenda CE, Davis SK, Taylor JF, Derr JN
Anim Genet. 32(2):89-91.
Mapping of 13 horse genes by fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH) and somatic cell hybrid analysis.
Lindgren G, Breen M, Godard S, Bowling A, Murray J, Scavone M, Skow L, Sandberg K, Guérin G, Binns M, Ellegren H
Chromosome Res. 9(1):53-9.
Mouse strains for chemical carcinogenicity studies: overview of a workshop.
Rao GN, Birnbaum LS, Collins JJ, Tennant RW, Skow LC
Fundam Appl Toxicol. 10(3):385-94.
Mapping of the mouse fibronectin gene (Fn-1) to chromosome 1: conservation of the Idh-1-Cryg-Fn-1 synteny group in mammals.
Skow LC, Adkison L, Womack JE, Beamer WG, Taylor BA
Genomics. 1(3):283-6.
Genetic risk factors for insidious equine recurrent uveitis in Appaloosa horses.
Fritz KL, Kaese HJ, Valberg SJ, Hendrickson JA, Rendahl AK, Bellone RR, Dynes KM, Wagner ML, Lucio MA, Cuomo FM, Brinkmeyer-Langford CL, Skow LC, Mickelson JR, Rutherford MS, McCue ME
Anim Genet. 45(3):392-9.
A small ubiquitin binding domain inhibits ubiquitin-dependent protein recruitment to DNA repair foci.
Helchowski CM, Skow LF, Roberts KH, Chute CL, Canman CE
Cell Cycle. 12(24):3749-58.
A high-resolution radiation hybrid map of the river buffalo major histocompatibility complex and comparison with BoLA.
Stafuzza NB, Greco AJ, Grant JR, Abbey CA, Gill CA, Raudsepp T, Skow LC, Womack JE, Riggs PK, Amaral ME
Anim Genet. 44(4):369-76.
Microsatellite variation in the equine MHC.
Brinkmeyer-Langford CL, Cai JJ, Gill CA, Skow LC
Anim Genet. 44(3):267-75.
Polymorphism and gene organization of water buffalo MHC-DQB genes show homology to the BoLA DQB region.
Sena L, Schneider MP, Brenig BB, Honeycutt RL, Honeycutt DA, Womack JE, Skow LC
Anim Genet. 42(4):378-85.
A 1.3-Mb interval map of equine homologs of HSA2.
Wagner ML, Raudsepp T, Goh G, Agarwala R, Schaffer AA, Dranchak PK, Brinkmeyer-Langford C, Skow LC, Chowdhary BP, Mickelson JR
Cytogenet Genome Res. 112(3-4):227-34.
Equine dinucleotide repeat loci LEX071 through LEX078.
Bailey E, Skow L, Bernoco D, DelValle A, Scavone MD, Bowling AT, Murray JD
Anim Genet. 31(4):286-7.
Synteny and regional marker order assignment of 26 type I and microsatellite markers to the horse X- and Y-chromosomes.
Shiue Y-L, Millon LV, Skow LC, Honeycutt D, Murray JD, Bowling AT
Chromosome Res. 8(1):45-55.
Linkage of the gene for equine combined immunodeficiency disease to microsatellite markers HTG8 and HTG4; synteny and FISH mapping to ECA9.
Bailey E, Reid RC, Skow LC, Mathiason K, Lear TL, McGuire TC
Anim Genet. 28(4):268-73.
Comparative FISH-mapping of villin (VIL) gene in river buffalo, sheep and goat chromosomes.
Iannuzzi L, Skow L, Di Meo GP, Gallagher DS, Womack JE
Chromosome Res. 5(3):199-202.
Microphthalmia cloudy-eye (mi(ce)): a new murine allele.
Zimring DC, Lamoreux ML, Millichamp NJ, Skow LC
J Hered. 87(4):334-8.
Three-dimensional visualization of physiologically based kinetic model outputs.
Nichols J, Rheingans P, Lothenbach D, McGeachie R, Skow L, McKim J
Environ Health Perspect. 102(11):952-6.
Molecular basis of mouse microphthalmia (mi) mutations helps explain their developmental and phenotypic consequences.
Steingrímsson E, Moore KJ, Lamoreux ML, Ferré-D'Amaré AR, Burley SK, Zimring DC, Skow LC, Hodgkinson CA, Arnheiter H, Copeland NG
Nat Genet. 8(3):256-63.
Dinucleotide repeat polymorphism near a bovine MHC class I sequence.
Skow LC, Goy J, Honeycutt D
Anim Genet. 25(4):290.
An AluI polymorphism at the bovine 70 kD heat-shock protein-1 (HSP70-1) locus.
Grosz MD, Skow LC, Stone RT
Anim Genet. 25(3):196.
Chromosomal localization of the major histocompatibility complex in cattle and river buffalo by fluorescent in situ hybridization.
Iannuzzi L, Gallagher DS, Womack JE, Di Meo GP, Skow LC, Ferrara LC
Hereditas. 118(2):187-90.
Further genetic analyses of skin tumor promoter susceptibility using inbred and recombinant inbred mice.
DiGiovanni J, Imamoto A, Naito M, Walker SE, Beltrán L, Chenicek KJ, Skow L
Carcinogenesis. 13(4):525-31.
Two steroid 15 alpha-hydroxylase genes and a homologous gene family in mice.
Burkhart BA, Skow LC, Negishi M
Gene. 87(2):205-11.
Gene family of male-specific testosterone 16 alpha-hydroxylase (C-P-450(16 alpha)) in mice. Organization, differential regulation, and chromosome localization.
Wong G, Itakura T, Kawajiri K, Skow L, Negishi M
J Biol Chem. 264(5):2920-7.
The primary structure of genetic variants of mouse hemoglobin.
Popp RA, Bailiff EG, Skow LC, Whitney JB 3rd
Biochem Genet. 20(1-2):199-208.

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