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Dr. Louise Abbott


Dr. Louise Abbott

Our lab uses zebrafish embryos as models for CNS development to study the effects of methylmercury exposure on early brain development.  Zebrafish allows rapid, high-throughput analysis at molecular, cellular, and organ levels.  Currently, the lab's focus is exploring how methylmercury alters miRNA expression in the developing brain. Since miRNAs control gene expression, altering miRNA expression will affect the fabrication of gene products critical for normal brain development.


Gloved hand dipping samples
  • VIBS 911 - Microscopic Anatomy I (Veterinary Histology)
  • VIBS 913 - Microscopic Anatomy II (Veterinary Embryology)
  • VIBS 612 - Graduate Embryology
  • VIBS 489 - Developmental Neurotoxicology
  • VIBS 485 - Directed Studies: Undergraduate Research

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