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Dr. Michelle Pine


Dr. Michelle Pine

Our laboratory focuses on elucidating the toxicological mechanisms by which pesticides (primarily synthetic pyrethroids) affect the onset of puberty and neurodevelopment. Specifically how chronic, low dose exposures (in utero and peripubertal) interfere with signaling in the hypothalamus and the cerebellum. We are also collaborating, with Dr. Christie Sayes (VTPP), on a project that uses nanochemistry to ameliorate the toxic effects of pesticides with an aim to create new products which address the specific limitations of currently used pesticides.


Nerve Cells
  • VIBS 305 - Biomedical Anatomy
  • VIBS 604 - Biomedical Neuroendocrinology and Endocrine Disorders
  • VIBS 670 - Neurotoxicology

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