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Updates: STJR Graduates, Student Take New Jobs

Posted September 16, 2015

Successful job placements in diverse fields continue for the STJR program.

Using communication in statistics


Jingang Miao, who earned his STJR master’s in 2010 and a PhD in statistics in 2014 from Texas A&M, recently began working as a quantitative analyst at Google. “I enjoy working with smart people here and working on products that affect the lives of hundreds of millions,” Jingang said. He wants to help Google keep refining its products and services, as well continue his research in statistics.

Jingang said his STJR training in writing concisely and clearly helps him as he writes computer codes at Google. Jingang’s communications skills also proved valuable in his previous job, where he explained complex statistics to businesspeople.

Writing about healthChristinaSumners

STJR graduate Christina Sumners recently became communications coordinator and brand journalist at the Texas A&M Health Science Center, where she writes news and features. “I hope to continue to improve my writing and interviewing skills while learning more about the Health Science Center,” Christina said.

After earning her STJR master’s in 2011, Christina worked as communications specialist for the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM). There, she continued to learn about science writing and more. “I learned so much about the practical world of communications and public relations,” she said.

Breaking into the professional world

Gina Wadas

Gina Wadas, who graduated in May 2015, now works as an editorial associate for the University of Chicago Press. She assists with editing and with using social media to promote books in the sciences and related areas. “The University of Chicago Press is considered one of the best academic presses to work for,” Gina said. “Working for them will broaden my knowledge of book publishing.”

As an STJR student, Gina worked as teaching assistant and proofreader for the CVM, did an internship at the Texas A&M University Press, and was a freelance copyeditor. She said her experience helped her break into professional editing. “I think I got the job thanks to my outgoing personality, motivation to learn, and—of course—my awesome hair,” she said.

Writing about veterinary medicine

Sara Carney

STJR student Sara Carney recently became communications specialist at the CVM, where she assists with press releases, news stories, and features highlighting the college’s latest research. Sara earned bachelor’s degrees in biomedical sciences and in wildlife and fisheries sciences from Texas A&M. She said she feels happy about her new job with the CVM. “I have always been fascinated by veterinary medicine, and I’m specifically interested in the CVM’s research and the One Health Initiative,” she said.

As Sara finishes her STJR thesis, her new job adds to her experience in science communication. She previously worked as a graduate assistant at Texas A&M’s writing center and as communications graduate assistant at the Texas Water Resource Institute, where she wrote about Texas’ water, wildlife, and land.

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