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VIBS Epidemiology PhD student Rachel Curtis is awarded the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to support her One Health research

Posted April 09, 2013

VetEpiNews Rachel CurtisCongrats to Rachel Curtis, CVM Merit Fellow and PhD student in VIBS in Dr. Sarah Hamer's lab, on being awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Of over 13,000 applicants, 2,000 were selected for this award, which provides $30,000 per year in stipend plus a tuition waiver for 3 years.  This award will support Rachel as she studies the ecology and epidemiology of Chagas disease in the southern United States.  Rachel was among 9 TAMU students across campus to receive this award.

Photo on right: Rachel Curtis (middle, 2013 NSF Fellowship recipient) collects samples from wild birds with her lab mates Miranda Curtis DVM (left; CVM Merit Fellow) and Andrew Golnar (right; PhD student in Entomology; also a 2013 NSF Fellowship recipient).

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