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Jay Griffin

Associate Professor of Veterinary Radiology


Phone: (979) 845-3541

Mailstop: 4475

Department: VLCS

Photo of Griffin, Jay


Radiology and MRI


  • D.V.M. , Texas A&M University 2004


  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Radiology
  • Texas Veterinary Medical License: 9811

Scholarly Interests

My research involves the development of MRI techniques to diagnose disease, quantify lesion burden, and assess response to therapy. Specific areas of interest include spinal cord injury in dogs and MRI of metallic orthopedic implants.


Application of a frameless computed tomography-guided stereotactic biopsy system for the collection of nasal biopsies in dogs: 5 cases (2012-2014).
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Accuracy of narrow field of view 3T MRI for identification of articular cartilage lesions in the canine stifle: an ex vivo cadaveric study.
Ruoff CM, Eichelberger BM, Pool RR, Griffin JF, Cummings KJ, Pozzi A, Padua A, Saunders WB.
2014 American College of Veterinary Radiology Annual Scientific Meeting, St. Louis MO.. 2014
Lymphocytic ganglioneuritis secondary to intervertebral disc extrusion in a dog
Mouradian-Darby AE*, Young BD, Griffin JF, Mansell J, Levine JM
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Evaluation of the WARP-Turbo Spin Echo sequence for 3 tesla magnetic resonance imaging of stifle joints in dogs with stainless steel tibial plateau leveling osteotomy implants
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