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Graduate Student & Faculty Responsibilities

Graduate Student & Faculty Responsibilities

A. Student responsibilities

  • Contact potential graduate faculty member within the Department
  • Apply to program within the University deadlines
  • Coordinate with mentor to set-up graduate committee meetings
  • Check student account for registration and billing information
  • Register and pay fees & tuition by deadlines
  • Ask questions as they come up
  • Ensure that paperwork is taken care of
  • Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility that all aspects of their degree program have been met.

B. Faculty mentor's responsibilities

  • Give guidance in regards to appropriate degree program, degree plan, and graduate committee
  • Meet with student regularly to give one-on-one guidance and expectations of student
  • A written letter of offer including expectations and information regarding funding.
  • Notify departmental staff of pending application

C. Degree Plan Submission

  • MS students must submit by the end of their 2nd semester.
  • PhD students must submit by the end of their 4th semester.
  • It is best to work out a degree plan as soon as you have been accepted.
  • Changes can always be made to a degree plan if needed.

D. Evaluation Process

  • Evaluations will now be performed for all graduate students on a yearly basis beginning Fall 2012
  • There will also be a road-map in the form of a check-off list to help guide graduate students to program completion