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Medora B Pashmakova

Assistant Professor

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Phone: (979) 845-2351

Mailstop: 4474

Department: VSCS

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  • Residency Emergency and critical care (SA), Texas A&M University 2013
  • Internship Small animal medicine and surgery, Texas A&M University 2010
  • DVM Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University 2009
  • BA Environmental biology, Columbia College, Columbia University 2004


  • Texas Veterinary Medical License: 11862
  • Texas Veterinary Medical Specialty License: 0368-S

Scholarly Interests

Interest in clinical relevant research topics such as transfusion medicine and coagulation disorders in critically ill dogs and cats.


Cardiologist's versus criticalist's perspective on treating respiratory distress
Pashmakova MB, Gordon S
ACVIM Forum proceedings. ACVIM proceedings.
Association between biliary cytology and microbiology
Pashmakova MB, Nelson WR, Hilligas J, Bishop MA
Journal of veterinary internal medicine .
Prognostic indicators in dogs with septic peritonitis: 54 cases
Mitchell J, Levine G, Bishop MA, Barr JW, Pashmakova MB
Journal of veterinary internal medicine.
Bilaterla placement of subcutaneous ureteral bypass devices as a treatment option for bilateral ureteral obstruction in a cat with ureterolithiasis
Heilmann RM, Pashmakova MB, Lamb JH, Spaulding K, Cook AK
Tieratztl Prax.
Stability of hemostatic proteins in fresh frozen plasma thawed by rapid microwave thaw process
Pashmakova MB, Barr JW, Bishop MA
Recognizing and stabilizing the septic patient
Pashmakova MB
Proceedings. Canine conference proceedings.
Evaluation of serum thyroid hormones in dogs with systemic inflammatory response syndrome or sepsis.
Pashmakova MB, Bishop MA, Steiner JM, Suchodolski JS, Barr JW
J Vet Emerg Crit Care (San Antonio). 24(3):264-71.
Multicenter evaluation of the administration of crotalid antivenom in cats: 115 cases (2000-2011).
Pashmakova MB, Bishop MA, Black DM, Bernhard C, Johnson SI, Mensack S, Wells RJ, Barr JW
J Am Vet Med Assoc. 243(4):520-5.
"What is Your Diagnosis? Canine herpesvirus-1 infection in 3 puppies that were littermates"
Woods S, Jugan M, Pashmakova M, Ruoff C, Young B, Scott K
Snake envenomations: what’s new?
Pashmakova MB
Proceedings. ECC conference proceedings.
Recognizing and stabilizing the septic patient
Pashmakova MB
Pain management strategies in trauma
Pashmakova MB
Comparison of hemostatic and clinical findings in dogs with splenic hematoma versus hemangiosarcoma: 71 cases (2006-2013)
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Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine.
Stability of canine hemostatic proteins in fresh frozen plasma following rapid microwave thaw pocess
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J Vet Emerg Crit Care.
The septic cat
Pashmakova MB
Feline forum proceedings.
Anaphylaxis in small animals
Pashmakova MB
IVECCS proceedings. IVECCS proceedings.
Minimum alveolar concentration of desflurane and the MAC-sparing effects of oxymorphone or hydromorphone
Sayre RS, Lepiz M, Pashmakova MB, Barr JW, Washburn S
Mechanical ventilation
Pashmakova MB
ACVIM Forum.
Vasopressors in small animal critical care medicine
Pashmakova MB
ACVIM Forum.
Parvoviral enteritis: managing the smallest septic patients
Pashmakova MB
IVECCS 2016.
Acute environmental hepatopathies
Pashmakova MB
IVECCS 2016.
Biochemical evaluation of the storage lesion in feline erythrocytes.
Heinz JA, Pashmakova MB, Wilson CC, Minnard H, Johnson M, Bishop MA, Barr JW.
Journal of Small Animal Practice.
Association between biliary cytology and microbiology in dogs and cats: 52 cases (2004-2014)
Pashmakova MB, Nelson WR, Hilligas J, Bishop MA
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.
Severe hyperkalemia presenting with wide-complex tachycardia in a puppy with acute kidney failure secondary to leptospirosis
Rubanick J, Fries R, Waugh C, Pashmakova MB
Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care.

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