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Grading Facility

Scantron Grading

  • We have NCS-Pearson scantron sheets which are compatiable with our scanners. The 95676 scantrons allow for 40 questions with a choice of 10 answers and the 95677 scantrons allow for 100 questions with a choice of 5 answers, including 'True or False' formats. These scantrons allow for up to 4 versions of the same examination, also allowing for multiple answers to questions.
  • The grades using our scantron may be presented as:
    1. Scantron sheets with student grades, correct score, and optional correct answer for missed questions.
    2. An Excel spreadsheet file or delimited text file with the student's UIN, score, and grade.
  • A frequency distribution of the grades for a particular test and item analysis of each question.

For the aforementioned services, please contact either Ms. Marcia Zemanek at 979-862-4923 or Ms. Frances Hicks at 979-458-1774, both located in room 119 VMS. The expected turnaround time is the next day.

Other services

  • How to fill in a scantron answer key.
  • How to prepare 'barcode' labels to be used with the scantron in instances where students did not know or entered their UIN wrong.
  • How to get your grades from the spreadsheet to WebCT.
  • The use of a Questions Data Bank using either Microtest III or Exam View.
  • Tabulating surveys, ballots, and test analysis.

For more information regarding the services mentioned above or to schedule for a one-on-one session, please contact Dr. M. Tawfik Omran, Clinical Assistant Professor, by phone at 1-979-458-2659.