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The biopsy service of the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology handles tissue samples from patients of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. The timely reports provided by pathologists allow clinicians to make accurate diagnoses and properly tailor treatment. The service examines 900-1000 biopsies per year.

Contact Dawn Currin for information related to surgical pathology at 979-862-8485 or

Clinical Microbiology/Immunology

The Clinical Microbiology/Immunology group provides laboratory diagnostic tests and consultation for clinicians, develops diagnostic tests, supports faculty research, and teaches students how to use appropriate laboratory tests and how to interpret test results how to best care for their veterinary patients.

Contact Dr. Sara Lawhon for information related to clinical microbiology at

Clinical Parasitology

From microscopic to macroscopic, parasites come in all sizes and shapes and cause a myriad of animal (and human) health issues. The Clinical Parasitology Laboratory supports the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, as well as private veterinary practitioners in association with the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, to offer exceptional diagnostic capability. The service is also a resource that offers educational workshops for community groups, the college, and the broader university.

Contact Dr. Thomas M. Craig for information related to clinical parasitology at 979 845-9191 or

Clinical Pathology

Veterinary Clinical Pathology, also referred to as Laboratory Medicine, studies disease in animals through the examination of blood, tissues, and fluids. The discipline covers a wide range of laboratory assays and methods, oversees the quality and accuracy of laboratory tests, and assists clinicians with diagnosis, patient care, and prevention of disease. The laboratory supports clinicians and researchers in the college and also trains resident veterinarians in the specialty of clinical pathology through a nationally recognized residency program.

For information related to clinical pathology call 979-845-9180.

DNA Technologies Core Laboratory

The DNA Technologies Core Laboratory provides automated nucleotide sequencing, genotyping, and bacterial and fungal DNA sequence-based identification technologies. It also offers individual identification, parentage testing, and genetic trait testing for livestock producers, wildlife managers, and clinical microbiology labs worldwide. The lab houses shared capital equipment used by researchers and students throughout the college.

Visit the DNA Technologies Core Laboratory website for more information >>


The Texas A&M Dermatopathology Specialty Service provides quality interpretation of skin biopsy specimens from veterinary dermatologists, general veterinary clinicians, and university veterinary teaching hospitals by a dermatopathologist (a board certified veterinary pathologist who has specialized in dermatopathology). We would like to welcome you to our service and look forward to working with you.

Contact Dawn Currin for information related to dermatopathology at 979-862-8485 or

Specimen receiving / billing:
Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab
P.O. Drawer 3040
College Station, TX 77841-3040
1-979-845-3414 or toll free 1-888-646-5623

Digital Imaging

The department has a fully functional core facility for computer-based acquisition of images, image editing and analysis, and other shared research instrumentation.

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Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory

The Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory, equipped with a Beckman Coulter MoFlo® Astrios™ High-Speed Cell Sorter and a Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur™ Analyzer, serves scientists in the department, college, and university.

Contact Roger Smith at for more information.

Histopathology/Immunopathology Laboratory

The Histopathology/Immunopathology Laboratory provides diagnostic and research services to the college and the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital as well as other Texas A&M University System resources. These services include routine sectioning and staining of tissues for microscopic examination, performing special stains for diagnostic and research samples, and performing immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry for diagnostic and research samples and applications. The laboratory also provides similar services, on a limited basis, to other state and federal agencies and private entities.

For more information, contact Kelly S. Pruitt B.S., HT (ASCP) Medical Laboratory Supervisor, at 979-845-5149 or -

Forms: Histology Fee Schedule | Research Block Log Sheet


Members of the department perform necropsies (postmortem examinations) on patients of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Tissue samples collected during necropsy are examined microscopically by pathologists in order to answer important clinical questions, and information gleaned from necropsies is often presented at scientific meetings and published in journals to help advance our understanding of animal disease. All fourth year veterinary students spend two weeks in the service to learn proper necropsy and sample collection techniques.

Contact Sharon Dickerson for information related to anatomic pathology at 979-845-4654 or


The Osteopathology Service receives orthopedic and dental specimens from veterinary surgeons, clinicians, radiologists, and pathologists working in private practice, university veterinary teaching hospitals, and state diagnostic laboratories in the United States and around the world for diagnosis. Furthermore, all submitted cases, slides, and radiographs are retained for teaching purposes.

Contact Dawn Currin for information related to osteopathology at 979-862-8485 or

Forms: Osteo Fee Schedule | Osteo Submission Form

Supply Store

Our supply store provides an easy and convenient way to obtain supplies and chemicals for labs and offices at Texas A&M University. The store, located in room 215 of the Veterinary Medical Sciences Building, is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except University holidays).

For more information related to the supply store, contact Tina Karkoska at 979-845-4174 or

Browse the inventory lists: Chemicals | Lab Supplies | Office Supplies

Veterinary Biorepository

The mission of the Biorepository is to collect and store biological samples and associated clinical information from healthy and diseased animals. These samples are made available to the scientific community to investigate the genetic and molecular basis of traits and diseases in animals.

Contact Dr. Scott Dindot at