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Carolyn ? Hodo

PostDoc Research Associate

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Phone: (979) 862-3448

Department: VIBS

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  • Ph.D. Veterinary Pathobiology, Texas A&M University 2017
  • Diplomate Anatomic Pathology, American College of Veterinary Pathologists 2014
  • D.V.M. , University of Georgia 2011
  • B.S. Animal Science, Berry College 2007


  • Texas Veterinary Medical Specialty License: 0420-S


Toward an Ecological Framework for Assessing Reservoirs of Vector-Borne Pathogens: Wildlife Reservoirs of Trypanosoma cruzi across the Southern United States
Hodo, Carolyn L, Hamer, Sarah A
ILAR Journal. 2017 :1-14.
Lack of Trypanosoma cruzi Infection in Urban Roof Rats (Rattus rattus) at a Texas Facility Housing Naturally Infected Nonhuman Primates
Hodo, Carolyn L, Bertolini, Nicole R, Bernal, John C, VandeBerg, John L, Hamer, Sarah A
Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. 2017 56(1):57-62.
Trypanosome species, including Trypanosoma cruzi, in sylvatic and peridomestic bats of Texas, USA
Hodo, Carolyn L, Goodwin, Chloe C, Mayes, Bonny C, Mariscal, Jacqueline A, Waldrup, Kenneth A, Hamer, Sarah A
Acta Tropica. 2016 164:259-266.
Histopathologic and Molecular Characterization of Sarcocystis calchasi Encephalitis in White-winged Doves (Zenaida asiatica) and Eurasian Collared Doves (Streptopelia decaocto), East-central Texas, USA, 2010–13
Hodo, Carolyn L, Whitley, Derick B, Hamer, Sarah A, Corapi, Wayne V, Snowden, Karen, Heatley, J Jill, Hoffmann, Aline Rodrigues
Journal of Wildlife Diseases. 2016 52(2):395-399.
Chagas disease in a Texan horse with neurologic deficits
Bryan, Laura K, Hamer, Sarah A, Shaw, Sarah, Curtis-Robles, Rachel, Auckland, Lisa D, Hodo, Carolyn L, Chaffin, Keith, Rech, Raquel R
Veterinary parasitology. 2016 216:13-17.
Imaging diagnosis—spinal cord histiocytic sarcoma in a dog
Taylor, Amanda, Eichelberger, Bunita, Hodo, Carolyn, Cooper, Jocelyn, Porter, Brian
Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound. 2015 56(2):.

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