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Gonzalo Rivera

Associate Professor


Phone: (979) 458-0128

Mailstop: 4467

Department: VTPB

Photo of Rivera, Gonzalo


  • Ph.D. Physiology, Cornell University 2002
  • M.S. Physiology, National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina 1991
  • D.V.M. Veterinary Medicine, National University of Rio Cuarto, Argentina 1988


  • DVM
  • MS Animal Science
  • PhD Physiology

Scholarly Interests

My laboratory is interested in the role played by cytoskeletal remodeling in development and disease, particularly, angiogenesis and tumor progression and invasion. The long-term goal of our research is to understand how extracellular signals that alter tyrosine phosphorylation and the metabolism of inositol phospholipids modulate actin dynamics and cell motility. Areas of interest include the biogenesis of actin-based structures of invasion, intracellular trafficking, and three-dimensional tissue morphogenesis in vitro. Our research employs a combination of molecular genetics, cell biology, proteomics, and high-resolution optical imaging.


Global Reprogramming of Host Kinase Signaling in Response to Fungal Infection.
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Cell host & microbe. 2017 21(5):637-649.
The Cytoskeletal Adapter Protein Spinophilin Regulates Invadopodia Dynamics and Tumor Cell Invasion in Glioblastoma.
Mujeeburahiman Cheerathodi, Naze G Avci, Paola A Guerrero, Leung K Tang, Julia Popp, John E Morales, Zhihua Chen, Amancio Carnero, Frederick F Lang, Bryan A Ballif, Gonzalo M Rivera, Joseph H McCarty
Molecular cancer research : MCR. 2016 14(12):1277-1287.
Actin remodeling by Nck regulates endothelial lumen formation.
Chaki SP, Barhoumi R, Rivera GM
Mol Biol Cell. 2015
Selective regulation of cytoskeletal tension and cell-matrix adhesion by RhoA and Src.
Harini Sreenivasappa H., Sankar P. Chaki, S. P., Lim, S. M, Trzeciakowski, J. P., Davidson M., Rivera, G. M. and Trache, A.
Nck enables directional cell migration through the coordination of polarized membrane protrusion with adhesion dynamics.
Chaki SP, Barhoumi R, Berginski ME, Sreenivasappa H, Trache A, Gomez SM, Rivera GM
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Protein tyrosine phosphatase-PEST and β8 integrin regulate spatiotemporal patterns of RhoGDI1 activation in migrating cells.
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Mol Cell Biol.

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