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Ian Tizard

Distinguished Professor


Phone: (979) 845-4276

Mailstop: 4467

Department: VTPB

Photo of Tizard, Ian

Personal Statement

As a career immunologist, I have focused on applied immunology, especially on innovative methods of vaccination. Thus I am working on methods of intranasal and oral vaccination against many different diseases. My second major area of interest has been the field of emerging viruses and diseases of wild and exotic birds. Most recently we have focused on the unusual epidemiology and biology of avian bornavirus. Currently however I have come to recognize the critical importance of genomic sequencing and bioinformatics. My major current efforts are studies on the pathogenesis of, and immunity to avian bornaviruses. I have also had many productive collaborations on other vaccines, including influenza vaccines under development by KJ Biosciences. I am uniquely situated in the environment of a major College of Veterinary Medicine to assist this SBIR phase I-II project which involves the critical immunogenicity and protection studies in dogs. My role in this project is to provide assistance and oversight for these studies.


Peru: The college has two formal agreements (Convenios) with the main Peruvian Veterinary Schools. Heredia Cayetana and San Marcos. Both commit us to collaborate in the area of avian research and conservation. There are multiple collaborative projects underway in Tambopata, in investigating the wild bird trade and in studying the epidemiology of selected avian diseases.

Argentina: The Schubot Center is supporting a project to determine causes of nestling mortality in the Patagonian subspecies of the peregrine falcon.

Canada: The Schubot Center is collaborating with scientists at the University of Guelph on the detection of avian bornavirus in arctic waterfowl.


  • Ph.D. Immunology, University of Cambridge, England 1969
  • B.Sc. Pathology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 1966
  • B.V.M.& S. Veterinary Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 1965


  • ACVM (Honorary)
  • DSc (Honorary). University of Guelph

Scholarly Interests

Immunology with an emphasis on innovative vaccine technology and on the immunology of domestic mammals.Avian diseases with an emphasis on diseases of psittacinesPaleovirology,Genomics with an emphasis on whole avian genomes.The intestinal microbiome and its role in immunity.


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