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David Hood

Associate Professor Emeritus

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Mailstop: 4466

Department: VTPP

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Scholarly Interests

physiopathology of the digital cutaneous circulation.


A null mutation in H-FABP only partially inhibits skeletal muscle fatty acid metabolism.
Binas B, Han XX, Erol E, Luiken JJ, Glatz JF, Dyck DJ, Motazavi R, Adihetty PJ, Hood DA, Bonen A
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Evaluation of systemic immunologic hyperreactivity after intradermal testing in horses with chronic laminitis.
Wagner IP, Rees CA, Dunstan RW, Credille KM, Hood DM
Am J Vet Res. 2003 64(3):279-83.
Effect of prolonged water immersion on equine hoof epidermis in vitro.
Wagner IP, Hood DM
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Voluntary limb-load distribution in horses with acute and chronic laminitis.
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Am J Vet Res. 2001 62(9):1393-8.
A multicenter, matched case-control study of risk factors for equine laminitis.
Alford P, Geller S, Richrdson B, Slater M, Honnas C, Foreman J, Robinson J, Messer M, Roberts M, Goble D, Hood D, Chaffin M
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Descriptive epidemiological study of equine laminitis.
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Vascular perfusion in horses with chronic laminitis.
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The role of vascular mechanisms in the development of acute equine laminitis.
Hood DM, Grosenbaugh DA, Mostafa MB, Morgan SJ, Thomas BC
J Vet Intern Med. 1993 7(4):228-34.
Keratin and associated proteins of the equine hoof wall.
Grosenbaugh DA, Hood DM
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EGF receptor-binding activity in the urine of normal horses and horses affected by chronic laminitis.
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Effect of weight loading on the coronary band interstitial fluid pressure in horses.
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