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Reproductive Sciences Laboratory

Since its establishment almost 40 years ago, the Reproductive Sciences Laboratory (RSL) at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) has been a world-class research program whose members have pioneered studies in the development of biotechnologies that benefit animal agriculture, as well as both animal and human health. Today, RSL researchers continue to be recognized as one of the world's leading teams in reproductive biology responsible for driving high quality, cutting edge research in the field of reproductive sciences, that translates concepts developed in the laboratory to commercial and clinical applications.

The RSL Fund was established to recognize the scientific contributions of the RSL faculty, continue to develop advances in embryology, animal genetic engineering, and developmental toxicology and ensure continued excellence in all aspects of reproductive physiology.

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Cardiology Residency Fund

The Cardiovascular Sciences program at the Texas A&M University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and the Michael E. DeBakey Institute is committed to preparing the future leaders of veterinary cardiology. The 3-year training program is designed to develop and refine clinical diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional cardiology skills while encouraging the pursuit of specific research interests. Numerous on-going clinical studies are designed to evaluate medical and surgical management of cardiovascular disease important to companion animals.

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Michael E. DeBakey Institute for Comparative Cardiovascular Science and Biomedical Devices

Funds will be used to develop treatments for America's #1 killer, heart disease - join the Michael E. DeBakey Institute in helping to find a cure. At the Michael E. DeBakey Institute for Comparative Cardiovascular Science and Biomedical Devices, cardiovascular scientists, engineers, and clinicians from Texas A&M University, Texas Heart Institute, and the UT Medical School in Houston have joined forces to fight cardiovascular disease in both human and veterinary patients. Administratively housed in the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, the Institute has unique access to naturally-occurring cardiovascular disease in animals. Through your gift, you can play a pivotal role in improving the quality of life of all species.

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Animal Contraception Research

Financial support for this fund will support research aimed at ending the vicious cycle of animal overpopulation and neglect.

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Wildlife & Exotic Animal Center & Laboratory

Funds from this account are to be used to construct, maintain, and purchase equipment for The Exotic Animal Center & Laboratory for wildlife research.

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