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VTPP Faculty

Photo of Murl Bailey
Toxicology; veterinary toxicology; toxic plants; wildlife, and environmental toxicology; anesthesiology; pharmacology; experimental surgery; clinical medicine; emergency medicine, bioterrorism, weapons.more...
Photo of Alice Blue-McLendon
Veterinary physiology, avian reproductive physiology, medicine of exotic animals, management of exotic animals teaching and research projects
Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Ranjeet Dongaonkar
Interstitial fluid balance; microvascular physiology; lymphatic function; quantitative analysis and modeling of physiological systems.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Virginia Fajt
Clinical pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, Antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance, Student learning and outcomes assessment, Food animal pharmacology
Clinical Associate Professor
Photo of Michael Golding
Problems during pregnancy are responsible for several childhood disabilities including seizures and delayed abilities to speak and walk. These disabilities often show up in the children of mothers with.more...
Assistant Professor
Photo of Guichun  Han
Cardiovascular physiology; vascular physiology and pharmacology, especially signaling pathways for estrogen and selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) effects on coronary artery; molecular mechanisms more...
Assistant Professor
Photo of Cristine Heaps
Determine exercise training-induced cellular and molecular adaptations in the coronary microcirculation that will reveal potential therapeutic targets for increasing blood flow into compromised myocardium
Associate Professor
Photo of James Herman
TEACHING -- Primary areas of interest in teaching include problem-based learning, development of creative thinking and problem solving capabilities, production of interactive multi-media programs for autotutorial more...
Clinical Professor
Photo of Katrin Hinrichs
Oocyte maturation, sperm capacitation, fertilization, and embryo development in the horse, including intracytoplasmic sperm injection and nuclear transfer.
Photo of Ivan Ivanov
Computational predictive modeling of complex systems, e.g. gene regulatory networks, for the purposes of intervention and control. Omics-data processing and integration. Genomic Signal Processing.
Clinical Associate Professor
Photo of Daniel Jones
Veterinary and environmental toxicology
Associate Professor
Photo of Duane Kraemer
gamete and embryo physiology; embryo transfer, cloning, genetic engineering of mammals; preservation of endangered animals; contraception in animal pests.
Senior Professor
Photo of Glen Laine
cardiovascular physiology; biophysics and bioengineering; quantitative analysis of biological systems; chronic venous and arterial hypertension and cardiopulmonary bypass; lymphatic function; edema formation.more...
Photo of Charles Long
developmental biology, gamete and embryo physiology, embryonic stem cells, assisted reproductive technologies, animal transgenics, somatic cell nuclear transfer, epigenetics, biomedical models, diseaseemore...
Associate Professor
Photo of Christopher  Quick
Insterstitial fluid balance; pulsatile hemodynamics; coordination of adaptation in vascular networks; undergraduate research-intensive communities
Associate Professor
Photo of Juan Robles Emanuelli
I am interested in exercise-mediated coronary vascular adaptations in an animal model of coronary artery disease.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Stephen Safe
Toxicology and molecular biology of estrogenic and antiestrogenic compounds; molecular mechanisms of estrogen receptor and Ah receptor action and their crosstalk in breast cancer; NR4A1 and Sp proteinssmore...
Distinguished Professor
Photo of Friedhelm Schroeder
Intracellular lipid transfer proteins; lipid metabolism; multiphoton imaging of intracellular lipid transport and targeting in living cells and tissues of gene targeted animals.
Photo of John Stallone
Vascular physiology and pharmacology, especially sex differences in vascular function, blood pressure and hypertension. The roles of the gonadal steroids (androgens and estrogens) in the regulation of.more...
Professor and Acting Head
Photo of Randolph Stewart
cardiovascular physiology; lymphatic function; microvascular physiology; interstitial and cavity fluid balance
Clinical Associate Professor
Photo of Doris Taylor
Adjunct Professor
Photo of Yanan Tian
transcriptional control of the Ah receptor-regulated gene expression. Interaction between the Ah receptor and NF-kB signal transduction pathways.
Associate Professor
Photo of Shannon Washburn
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) mechanisms; neuroimaging, biomarkers and nutritional interventions for FASD; clinical medicine; pharmacology; pathophysiology; teaching methods and learning in themmore...
Clinical Assistant Professor
Photo of Jeremy Wasser
My current research focuses on undergraduate and medical (human and veterinary) education. I am focusing on developing novel active teaching methodologies that involve students in their own biomedical.more...
Associate Professor
Photo of Mark  Westhusin
gamete physiology; developmental biology; embryo physiology; assisted reproductive techniques; in vitro fertilization; embryo transfer. Cloning animals by nuclear transplantation, genetic engineering in more...
Photo of Beiyan Zhou
The long-term goal of our lab is to understand the systemic network governed by epigenetic factors in stem cells and their progenies. We want to dissect the mechanisms that makes a stem cell a stem cell more...
Assistant Professor