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VTPP 485 Prospective Student Information

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General Information

blanca-with-chickThe Winnie Carter Wildlife Center is a research and teaching facility that offers students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a variety of non-domestic animal species. The predominant species at the center are hoofstock (deer, etc.) and ostriches. Some of these animals are tame and can be handled by people while others are dangerous and require special handling techniques. During the semester students will be exposed to, and participate in, many aspects of exotic animal husbandry, management, and medicine. Students will learn about the care of non-domestic animals by participating in our daily activities. The activities also involve maintenance of animal enclosures and the surrounding area.


Each student will be assigned a set schedule based on individual availability. This schedule will include a minimum number of hours to be completed Monday through Friday between 8am-5pm and a regular one-hour "evening check" one night a week. Students will also be required to work two weekend duties during the semester. These weekends will be arranged at the orientation meeting.

Oryx being bottle fed.
Oryx being bottle fed.

The minimum weekly hours required depends on credit hours registered and are as follows:

2 credit hours: 5 hrs/wk (Fall & Spring)

7 hrs/wk (Summer-10wk session only)

3 credit hours: 7.5 hrs/wk (Fall & Spring)

11 hrs/wk(Summer-10wk session only)

By registering for the course, the student is committing to a large responsibility. Students are expected to strictly adhere to the attendance schedule unless prior arrangements have been made with the Wildlife Center staff.


Students are required to actively participate each time they are at the Wildlife Center. Tasks include, but are not limited to: feeding animals, pen cleaning, pen repair, handling of animals, maintaining Wildlife Center log, and assistance in veterinarian procedures. There are stated daily and weekly jobs as well as Wildlife Center (WC) staff to direct students, but they are expected to be self-motivated and eager to learn

Semester Project

Each student will do a semester project. This project will be either an animal enrichment or a Wildlife Center enrichment project approved by the technician and Dr. Blue-McLendon. More details will be given at orientation.