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Years of research have made it clear that there is a strong link between pet abuse and domestic violence.

The Problem

According to past research by faculty members of the VMBS, 71% of battered women reported that their abusers threatened or harmed their pets, usually in an effort to gain control over the victim. In addition, 40% of those women delayed escaping an abusive situation if it meant leaving a pet, or pets, behind.

To help both these women and their pets, we have created Aggies Fostering Hope, which has the potential to improve, and possibly even save, the lives of local women suffering from domestic abuse by providing them with a safe, temporary home for their pets. While researching the link between animal abuse and domestic violence, we discovered that many of the safe houses for battered women are unable to take in pets.

Aggies Fostering Hope Infographic

Our Solution

Collaborating with the Texas A&M Health Promotion Office, we’re working to secure agreements with both the College Station and Bryan police departments to transport pets to safety when helping a woman leave an abusive situation.

Police provide transportation for women fleeing domestic abuse and their pets, first taking the woman to Phoebe’s Home, a local safe house, and then taking her pet(s) to the Texas A&M Small Animal Teaching Hospital (SATH). Once the pet(s) are given any necessary medical care, a foster home will keep the pet(s) until they can be reunited with their owner.

Help Us

Would you like to help us help women and pets fleeing domestic abuse? We’re always in need of volunteers to foster pets and donations to help support our fosters while caring for pets in the program.

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