Junior Surgery

Heather and MaggieMy favorite class last semester was junior surgery. We were split into groups of three, and each of us were able to perform a spay or neuter on local shelter dogs or cats. The surgeon had to take care of their patient for a week, which made it very hard not to get attached to your patient. My patient was a sweet little chiweenie named, Barda. I got to perform a spay on her with the help of my awesome surgery group members, Blair McCurdy and Betsy Helbing.

Once the surgery was over, I immediately called the animal shelter to see if she was available to adopt. Unfortunately, there was a family ahead of me to adopt her. I was happy that Barda was going to be adopted, but I was also devastated that I could not keep her. The last day of taking care of her was so sad because I didn’t think I would ever see her again (picture on left). However, the animal shelter called me a few days later saying the people who were going to adopt Barda fell through. I was up next to adopt this sweet girl, and I did so instantly (picture on right)! I decided to change her name from Barda to Maggie.

Maggie loves her new life at my house, being able to run around and play with my other dog, Dixie. I am so grateful I was able to bring Maggie home with me because she brings so much joy to my life.

Junior surgery is definitely the best class I have ever taken because it is preparing me for common surgeries I will get to perform everyday in practice after I graduate. It also provided me the opportunity to adopt my best friend, Maggie!