New Semester, One Step Closer to My Aggie Ring

As the new semester begins I’m excited to begin my classes and have a fresh start. It’s hard to believe that in just three semesters I’ll be graduating and applying to veterinary school. While graduation can be the most exciting thing for some people, I’m even more excited about something else.

After five semesters I finally have enough hours to order my Fightin’ Texas Aggie Ring! The Aggie ring is a very symbolic tradition at Texas A&M and can only be EARNED after successfully completing 90 hours. The ring is worn with the year facing the student until they graduate, then it is turned to face the world at graduation.

I have heard many stories and seen countless examples of conversations and friendships developing after noticing the Aggie ring, even across the world. On Ring Day, thousands of Aggies receive their ring as their families look on. I have worked very hard to reach this point, which represents a huge step in my academic career. I cannot wait to receive my ring and join countless others who wear it with pride. Until then, I have a long semester to look forward to with many classes to keep me occupied.