Reflections at the Semester’s End

Finals are just around the corner, and as crazy as it is to believe, I am going to miss this semester. Not only did I get to take difficult yet intriguing classes, such as anatomy and immunology, but I got to be involved in clubs and have leadership roles that stretched my abilities and caused me to grow.

Going home for Thanksgiving, I realized how different my college life is from my home life, but it is for the better. Being home, I can feel myself getting into the rut of being the same person I was in high school. While this isn’t a bad thing, it isn’t the person that I am now after two and a half years of college. I have learned to build friendships and study until I feel like I will pass out, and being home doesn’t bring any of those characteristics out of me.

I am thankful that I realized it now because it allows me to be thankful for the community that I have here in College Station and to best prepare to go home to something that is different from what I am used to. It is funny. I never thought that I would come to college and consider College Station home, but it truly has transformed into my home over the past two and a half years, and this finals season, I am becoming sentimental about it.