We Found a Cat!

So, recently my sister heard a loud, persistent meowing and assumed it was one of the two cats in my house. It turned out it was neither of our cats, but instead another cat was singing outside her window. The skinny little black-and-white cat obviously wanted something, so I decided to give him a little bit of our cat’s food to sate him and see if I could figure out if it had a owner.

The cat was very sweet and didn’t really seem like a feral stray. I would later figure out that the cat is indeed a boy (not neutered) and that my neighbors have been feeding him in the past. I decided to call him “Cow,” because of his black-and-white color, and I didn’t want to call him “The Cat” or “Oreo.” Though the neighbor was calling him “Smitten,” I like “Cow” better.

Currently, we’re look for his owner in hopes that he has one. We can’t take in any more animals in my house. So for now, Cow is my outdoor cat. The neighbors are planning on taking him into a vet to see if he has a microchip. If he doesn’t have a home, I don’t know what exactly to do with him. He needs to get neutered at some point but for now he’s just kind of chilling outside. I made a box up if he needs to sleep somewhere, and evidently he’s getting double fed by the neighbor and I. He’s really sweet though and likes to be stroked (a lot). We estimate that he’s still really young. Hey, if anyone out there wants a cat, look me up!