Receiving a White Coat

While the school year is almost over, it feels like everything is starting to pick up! Within the next two weeks I have one quiz and seven finals. It’s the time to test what we know and find out what we don’t. I was able to pick my electives for next year and I picked some that would cover all aspects of veterinary medicine, including some small, large, and even exotic work. I am really looking forward to working with wildlife!

On Friday I received my white coat. The White Coat Ceremony marks our halfway journey to becoming veterinarians, and during the event, all of my classmates and I got to walk across the stage and put on that coat in front of our family and friends. After this semester, we will start working in the clinics with actual patients, which is why we need the white coat! We still will have some lecture courses but will finally be able to put our knowledge to the test. My whole family came down for the event, and it was such a great moment to share with them. They are all so proud of me and how far I have come in school.

The White Coat Ceremony was a great moment to celebrate right before all of those final exams are here. Sometimes you have to be reminded that you are doing great and that what is happening now is not as important as your friends and family, as well as to see how far you have come. It is easy to be discouraged and get overwhelmed with school. Having people on the outside who are proud of you is all you need to look at the bigger picture.