Spring Break and Looking to 4th Year

Spring Break is just a week away, and I am so ready for it. But it is also very bittersweet. This will be my last vacation before starting my fourth and final year of vet school. Breaks are so important. Here at Texas A&M, we really strive for overall wellness, not just academic wellness but physical and mental wellness, as well. As part of my mental and social wellness, I participate heavily with a student organization outside of the vet school. This Spring Break we will be taking a trip to Arkansas and going to various museums and on nature walks.

Even though I am so excited for the chance to take a breather, I can’t help but think to the future. In just two months’ time, I will start my last year of vet school. These past four years of undergrad and three years of vet school all have lead up to one final year of clinics before I earn my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. I thought I would feel more nervous, but an overwhelming sense of readiness has fallen over me, and the whole class. I know that my dedication, both inside and outside of the classroom, and the support of my professors have prepared me to confidently enter clinics.

I am most looking forward to my neurology and zoo-medicine rotations. The summer after my first year, I spent two weeks shadowing the neurology service. I learned so much and can’t wait to go back and have primary-case responsibility. As for zoo medicine, I have always loved exotic animal medicine and might end up taking the rotation twice. I’m also excited about my externship. Externships are great opportunities that give you four weeks to venture outside of the Texas A&M hospitals and learn from a veterinarian of your choosing, which allows you to pay special interest to specific areas and to become a more well-balanced veterinarian.