The Countdown

They tell us at orientation that Vet School will go by “in the blink of an eye,” and I never really believed them. But now, as I enter the fifth week of my fourth semester of Vet School, I’m really beginning to notice how fast it all goes by! I’m only a second-year student, but soon enough I will be halfway done with my veterinary medical education, and into my third-year. As a third-year student, I will have opportunities to take electives that are geared towards my career path of mixed animal veterinary medicine.

I always seem to find myself counting down to something, and this semester is no different with many exciting events coming up. This is the fifth week of class, which means that I’m already one-third of the way through this semester. There are also only five more weeks until Spring Break, when I’ll be going skiing with friends in Colorado. I’m involved in Vet School Open House as the Publicity Co-Executive, which is just over 50 days away. Some of my classmates will be receiving their Aggie Rings this semester, in about 60 days, which will be an exciting time to celebrate as a class.

And finally, White Coat Ceremony is just over 70 days away! This Texas A&M Vet School tradition is when second-year students receive their white coats that they will use as third-years while shadowing in the clinics. This is one of the biggest celebrations at the vet school, besides graduation, and a great achievement for students who have made it through two whole years of Vet School!

There are so many fun events that I’m looking forward to this semester, but I must remember to take life day-by-day and enjoy each week. Vet School is really tough! Sometimes, it takes a lot of determination and mental strength to get through a tough day or week. So, I have to remind myself to find the joy in daily life and celebrate my little victories.

As simple as it may sound, my personal goals for each semester have been to spend more time with friends outside of class, and to make it to the Rec Center more. And, I finally feel like I am achieving these goals! I have already had so much fun this semester going bowling, having game nights, and celebrating birthdays with friends. I’ve also finally gotten into a better workout routine, which I am really proud of myself for!

So here I am, celebrating the goals that I have already achieved this semester, and hope to continue to achieve throughout Vet School. For those reading this, my message is simple—don’t forget to celebrate yourself and appreciate one victory you achieve every day!

DVM Student
Class of 2019