Preparing to Study Abroad

Kimberly N.Several months ago, I was accepted to the biomedical sciences’ Costa Rica semester abroad program. Woo hoo!

But, now, I have to think about the most essential thing—money. How am I supposed to get the money to pay for this? As a first-generation student who is dependent on financial aid, money is a huge issue for me.

Thus, I started looking into scholarships and found one I am eligible for—The Gilman International Scholarship.

The Gilman International Scholarship is geared to Pell Grant recipients who are intending on studying abroad in a level one or two travel advisory country for more than three weeks. The application requires a statement of purpose essay (basically asks why you decided to go study abroad) and a project plan essay (which is your plan to promote the Gilman Scholarship AFTER you study abroad), along with your official transcript.

It has been a pretty easy process, other than the essay. The application is due in a few days, so I’m struggling to get my essay perfect while studying for my three exams, two of which are the day before the deadline (March 6). But I think the struggle with be worth it!

My advice to anyone considering studying abroad is this: There are resources! Study abroad sends out frequent emails about scholarships available, and you can go to the Money Management Center to work out how to save up for the trip if you need to.

Texas A&M isn’t called the No. 1 public university to send students abroad for no reason!