Refreshing During Winter Break

LisaWhat an amazing winter break I had! Because I live eight hours away, I had been loning to see my mom and dad, so I really enjoyed being with my family for a whole month, cuddling with the family cat, and catching up on bunch of Netflix series. My family and I also got to travel and make some new memories; it was great to be close to them and catch up with the lives of my older friends. I was saddened to have to leave them, but they are never too far for a phone call.

On the bright side, I got a new cat named Moose! He is now living with me in College Station, and he is just purrrrfect. He loves to cuddle, eat, and play, when he is not sleeping. What a life he has!

While all good things must come to an end, the start to the semester has interesting because of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and an extra day to relax due to cold weather. I was expecting some snow, but a girl can only wish. After that interruption, as I’m getting back into a routine, I’ve decided to try something new—Zumba! Let me tell you, it was a lot harder than I thought. Who knew that dancing could be such a workout? But it’s also very fun, something I believe I am going to enjoy with my busy schedule.

I have high hopes for this semester, as I do every semester, but the homework is going to be another story. I hope everyone’s semester started well and that you really love your schedules. Gig’em, Ags!