Getting my Aggie Ring

LisaThe highlight of what has been a good third year, so far, has been getting my Aggie ring. Yup, that is right! I BTHO 90 hours, and I still cannot seem to understand how close I am to finishing college.

The Aggie Ring Ceremony was everything I heard it was, a moment full of pride. My brother was the person designated to put on my ring, and it was the best moment of 2018 yet.

My brother was chosen because he has been my No. 1 supporter of me and the travel required because of living eight hours away from home to get a great education. (He also was a Longhorn fan, so I had to show him a true Aggie tradition).

Not only that, but I also got to show my family Kyle Field and take pictures with my ring in the grand 12th Man Stadium.

It was very exciting to see how many people showed up from all over to help me celebrate my big day. I was excited for my ring, but I was in awe with the huge support system I have here at A&M and back home.

I am truly blessed as a student and individual with the life given to me. If my third year has been this great, I can’t wait to experience the rest of it.

Refreshing During Winter Break

LisaWhat an amazing winter break I had! Because I live eight hours away, I had been loning to see my mom and dad, so I really enjoyed being with my family for a whole month, cuddling with the family cat, and catching up on bunch of Netflix series. My family and I also got to travel and make some new memories; it was great to be close to them and catch up with the lives of my older friends. I was saddened to have to leave them, but they are never too far for a phone call.

On the bright side, I got a new cat named Moose! He is now living with me in College Station, and he is just purrrrfect. He loves to cuddle, eat, and play, when he is not sleeping. What a life he has!

While all good things must come to an end, the start to the semester has interesting because of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and an extra day to relax due to cold weather. I was expecting some snow, but a girl can only wish. After that interruption, as I’m getting back into a routine, I’ve decided to try something new—Zumba! Let me tell you, it was a lot harder than I thought. Who knew that dancing could be such a workout? But it’s also very fun, something I believe I am going to enjoy with my busy schedule.

I have high hopes for this semester, as I do every semester, but the homework is going to be another story. I hope everyone’s semester started well and that you really love your schedules. Gig’em, Ags!

Exploring the Unexpected

LisaCollege—what a scary word, even for students IN college. It is a time to live and a time to settle down and really focus into what you really want to make of your life. For me, my first semester as a sophomore in the BIMS program has been a little bit more stressful than what I had anticipated compared to my freshman year.My experiences within this program has taught me a lot about college—most importantly, that life goes on. I have never been the smartest girl in my class but I have been one of the most hardworking. Obstacle after obstacle, my experiences have taught me of my limits and boundaries. What I have learned about my challenges in school is that grades matter, but so does your overall happiness. A&M has been the biggest challenge I have had in my life. Being seven hours away from home, making friends, and keeping up in a challenging program is stressful but, yet, such a great experience.

Overall, I am still in the process of learning that life is somewhat challenging, and we all need somebody to help us through those challenging times.

For me, that person has been my mom, who has supported me throughout my education. When I feel as if my life has taken a turn, a sweet lady named Yolanda always comes to the rescue; she has really helped me get though my hardest times. The best part of it is that my mom and I never have a dull moment, especially when she comes to visit me.

For example, recently, the five living former presidents came to College Station. Crazy, right?!? It’s not every day you get to be a few feet from five presidents stuck in the Bush Library joking around with Secret Service! But, excitingly, that’s exactly what happened with my mom and me. We happened to be there, watching secret service pull together the motorcade for the five presidents to be transported to Reed Arena for the Hurricane Harvey benefit event hosted at Texas A&M. There were snipers on top of the buildings and police officers and secret service everywhere. We were also stuck with a few other individuals who were carefully watching how someone’s life (in this case, the presidents’) can be so organized but, yet, so stressful. As everyone carefully watched the presidents, I watched my mom be as happy as I ever had seen her in our years together.

Although this moment was for the presidents, I consider it OUR moment. It was so cool to actually see five living presidents, but it was so cool to experience this with my mom. This lady never lets anything slide, has always been an educator and always has supported me and my education. I am forever grateful that she has provided me the opportunity to go to A&M, even in the moments I feel as if life is tumbling down. Experiences such as seeing five presidents really doesn’t happen much, but I appreciate that my mom has really supported me in going to a school that gives so many opportunities. Thanks and Gig’ em, Mom!