Cora Headshot

Cora is a member of the veterinary class of 2025 from Katy, TX. She graduated with her B.S. in Biomedical Sciences and Entomology in 2021 from Texas A&M. During her undergrad, she conducted and assisted research over honeybee nutrition, echolocation in bats, bacterial transmission in aoudads, and behavioral patterns of sea turtles. She also completed wildlife and zoo internships locally and abroad to develop her passion for conservation and exotic medicine. 

She is involved in Texas A&M Bee Vets, Green Vets, Pathology Club, the National Association for Small Ruminant Practitioners, Veterinary Parasitology Club, the Wildlife Disease Association, and the Zoo, Exotics, and Wildlife Club. Currently, her research studies Ornithodoros spp. tick distribution in Texas and the prevalence of protozoan parasites in reptiles. After graduation, she hopes to become board certified in reptile and amphibian medicine. 

In her free time, Cora can be found at concerts in Austin, hiking in Bastrop, or caring for her two cats (Ollie and Stella), her bearded dragon (Juno), her rainbow boa (Rain) and her corn snake (Cornbread).