Change and Adapting

I hope this blog finds everyone in good health. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote; my fall semester went well, and I enjoyed the holidays with my family. The second semester started off really well, I was happy with my coursework, and I was giving tours every week!

I meet some excited to-be-students that were full of questions about the Biomedical Sciences programs, the certifications, and of course the Veterinary School. The best part of giving tours for me is talking about the admission process into vet school. I love that the interview section consists of several miniature interviews with only a couple of people. It gives each person a chance to kind of start over between each interview.

In February, I got the opportunity to sign up to be an ambassador at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. At first, I was hesitant because I am still new, and I have not done anything like this before. After weighing the pros and cons of this potential experience, I decided to participate. I ended up signing up for five shifts for the first half of my spring break.

On the Saturday of my first shift, I was nervous for two reasons: I was not 100% sure where I was going inside the NRG arena, and I was afraid I would not be able to answer people’s questions. Thankfully, my partner for the shift was able to answer the questions that I did not know. On each day that I was there, I learned more about myself and met many new people. On my six-hour drive home, I learned of the event shutting down to protect everyone involved from being exposed to the novel coronavirus.

Throughout the rest of my spring break, I was updated on how Texas A&M would be transferring all of its in-person class to an online format. As it became clear that I would need to move out of my dorm room, I drove to College Station to pack up all of my things and check out.

For me, it was a little emotional to have to move out so suddenly because I really loved the routine that my roommate and I established throughout the year.

The first week of online classes was definitely hard at first because both students and professors were unsure of how exactly this would go. Now we are in our third-week classes, and I am enjoying my morning of drinking hot tea and taking notes on my physics lecture. I had my first online test last week, and I am hoping to get some good results soon from it. Overall, I’d say that my online class experience has been great and it has given me a chance to take up new hobbies that I have been wanting to start like yoga and painting.

Hopefully, the next time I write, everything will be back to normal, but until then, stay healthy everyone!