My Last Blog

AlexAs finals week began for us undergraduates, most of us spent all of our time on studying, in hopes of squeezing the best possible grade out of every class. This finals week was a little different for me than my previous experiences—it is my final semester as an undergraduate.

So, in addition to studying, I found myself reflecting on my time as an undergraduate.

Like most students, beyond the academics, our time as undergraduates allowed us to develop as individuals and make long-lasting memories.

Not only has this been my last week of my undergraduate studies, but this also is my last blog as a student ambassador for the College of Vetrinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM). One of the best experiences of my undergraduate career has been my time as a student ambassador.

This job has allowed me to experience a perspective of this university I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’ve seen high school and prospective veterinary students respond positively to our program here at the CVM. To see others become excited at the potential of attending our university has been a privilege, one that I will remember fondly; after being here for a few years, we can lose perspective on the opportunities we have here, and it’s always nice to be reminded of this.

While I will no longer be a student ambassador, fortunately, I’ve been accepted into Texas A&M’s Master of Public Health degree program at our School of Public Health. This means that despite moving on from my time as an undergraduate, I will still be close to our great college. In fact, I’ll only be across the street.

I wish the best to all current and prospective students. I hope to see you around.