September 2015 Deans Corner

Avian Grand Opening

A new avian health complex formally opened Aug. 13 at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), which hosts one of the top avian medicine programs in the nation. The new climate-controlled aviary, which is located at 701 Farm Service Road in College Station, will provide a comfortable and safe environment for a variety of birds in various conditions, CVM officials note. The original complex was founded in 1987 with an endowment established by the late Richard M. Schubot and matching funds provided by the university. This commitment to avian medicine demonstrates Texas A&M’s understanding of the important role birds play in ecosystems and disease transmission across all species. Containing approximately 11,000 square feet of floor space, the state-of-the-art complex includes a functional hospital, receiving area with quarantine capabilities, three isolation rooms, a Biosafety Level 2 laboratory for infectious disease research and separate areas for infected and healthy birds, along with teaching, classroom and office space.

Texas A&M One Health travels to Nicaragua

Texas A&M One Health Travels to Nicaragua

Five students and three faculty members from Texas A&M University and a student from the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine recently returned from a month-long research and service trip to Ometepe, Nicaragua. The students assisted a local doctor in three independent clinics on the island during each week, planted one medicinal and two vegetable gardens, held two human and animal health fairs, trained nurses and local women in CPR, and cooked a healthy meal for all the children in a community.

DVM First Year Student Orientation

DVM First Year Student Orientation

The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) held its orientation program for the incoming class of 2019 on August 19-21, 2015.

Students were welcomed and participated in three days of scheduled activities and events to help integrate them into the CVM family, including meetings with their mentors, introduction to the faculty, wellness activities, and tours of the facility.

“We really look forward to First Year Orientation every year,” said Dr. Kenita Rogers, Associate Dean for the Professional Program. “We get to meet our new students, share the college with them, develop mentoring relationships, and start them on their professional path.  We are truly excited about the Class of 2019 and cannot wait to start this extraordinary journey with them.”   

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BIMS Begins Classes

The Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate Program (BIMS) welcomed approximately 2,100 students for the fall semester’s enrollment, with over 800 incoming freshmen.

Staff Awards

Staff Awards

The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) recognized 11 staff members for their dedication and excellence at its annual Staff Awards Ceremony. Dr. David Nelson, Interim Director of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and Clinical Associate Professor, emceed the award ceremony where each recipient was featured as a rock star in personalized music videos.

Avian Vaccine Developed at Texas A&M

Avian Vaccine Developed at Texas A&M

Researchers at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) have developed a highly effective vaccine against a lethal virus disease of captive parrots. The disease, called Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD), results in blindness, heart failure, or intestinal blockage. It is caused by a virus called Avian Bornavirus. Use of the vaccine against this virus prevented the development of disease in captive birds with no obvious adverse effects.



New Student Convocation, the official welcome of incoming new students to Texas A&M University, was held Sunday, August 30. Our Biomedical Sciences program was well represented with Dr. Elizabeth Crouch, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education serving as a member of the stage party. The gonfalon for our college was carried by Madison Bartock.

Avian Vaccine Developed at Texas A&M

Dr. Juan Carlos Robles to be Honored at Silver Taps Ceremony

As many of you know, Silver Taps is a cherished tradition at Texas A&M University. On September 8, 2015, at 10:30 PM, Dr. Juan Carlos Robles will be among those honored in a Silver Taps ceremony. All are welcome to attend and support the family and friends of one of our own.

One Health logo

The White House Receives a Global Message from Texas A&M One Health

Texas A&M One Health Initiative was a co-signer of a recent letter to President Barack Obama urging the creation of One Health platforms both in the United States and the United Nations.


PEER Happenings

The Partnership for Environmental Education and Rural Health (PEER) created a series of One Health K-12 videoconference recordings that included “My Path to Vet School: A Veterinary Student Q&A Panel” by Nikki Lejeune, Clarissa Root, and Chanel Berns and “The Vet School Experience: What is vet school really like?” by Nikki Lejeune, Emily Burkhart, and Dr. Anton Hoffman, D.V.M. Each live webcast was viewed by several K-12 groups signed up from various states. Schools asked questions at the end, and a website was given for students at all 38 participating sites to submit questions during the presentations.

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Stress Symposium

Stress Symposium

The Texas A&M Institute for Genome Sciences and Society (TIGSS) will hold its inaugural symposium, “Evolution of Stress: From the Genome to Disease,” Oct. 8–9, 2015. The “fight-or-flight” response—the reaction to real or perceived threats—no doubt saved many of our ancestors from harm. This instinct, seen in humans and animals, evolved to deal with the stress arising from dangerous situations, such as being chased by a lion. However, when this increased level of stress continues for an extended period of time—as it often does in modern culture—it can lead to long-term damage to the body in the form of disease and chronic disorders.


Follow the Progess of the VBEC Online

You can view the latest state of the new Veterinary & Biomedical Education Complex online. The webpage allows for a time-lapse video of construction.

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VTPB Seminar
September 8

VTPB/One Health Seminar
September 16

VLCS Seminar: Dr. Julia Felippe
September 18

VLCS Seminar: Dr. John Middleton
September 22

VTPB Seminar
September 29

Dog Bowl Tailgate
October 3

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college hour

Meet the Presidential and CRI Hires: Drs. Morgan Scott and David Threadgill
September 4

Centennial Planning Committee Update
September 18

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Biomedtrix Conference
September 9-12

2015 African Wildlife Medicine: Capture, Transport & Herd Health Course
October 2-18

17th Annual Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Conference
October 9-11

Practical Solutions for Equine Nutritional Diseases Presented by Cargill
October 24

Small Animal Anesthesia & Analgesia Conference
November 20-22

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hats off

Three graduate students under the mentorship of Dr. Ivan Rusyn have been recognized with prestigious funding awards. Joe Cichocki, a postdoctoral student, successfully competed for an NIH F32 grant provided through the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences within the National Institutes of Health. Fabian Grimm, another postdoctoral student was awarded with a Society of Toxicology – Colgate Palmolive Postdoctoral Fellowship. Melinda Wilson, a masters student in the toxicology program, was recognized with a graduate student fellowship from the European Petroleum Refiners/Concawe organization. Congratulations to these outstanding students and their faculty mentors.

Each semester, the Office of the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets recognizes current cadets who achieve academic excellence in many ways. One of the most recognizable ways is the gold or silver star worn above the right pocket of a cadet’s uniform. Gold stars are awarded to those cadets who post a 4.0 GPR with a minimum of 12 hours the previous semester. Silver stars are awarded to cadets earning a 3.5 GPR with a minimum of 12 hours the previous semester. Congratulations to the following cadets in the BIMS undergraduate program for achieving academic excellence!

Gold Stars:
Katie Brock
Luke Browning
Marshal Covin

Silver Stars
Alexander Denniston
Peyton Fry
Forrest Herman
Noah Kemp
Alvaro Medrano
Jesus Ojeda
John Ver Hoef

exec searches

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